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Dear Diary: A Look into My Feelings

Dear Diary, Okay, okay, this hasn’t actually come from my diary but I am going to be open and honest with you all. I know I say this with every blog post, but here it goes again. I have sucked at blogging my Peace Corps service. I really thought that I would be a lot better about it. I’d like to say that it’s because I get very busy and caught up with so many things, well that would be a slight lie, sometimes I am just too lazy to write or too busy reading. Speaking of my reading, I have read ninety-eight books. I am two books away from my one hundred book goal. I can do it. Now let’s get back to my actual post. I have just over two months left as a Peace Corps volunteer and let me be honest, I am struggling. Struggling with the desire to already be home, struggling with that fact that I am spending Christmas away from my family and Thanksgiving was already tremendously sad, struggling because most of my cohort leaves in less than a month and then I will have just about a month and a h…