Teachers of Instagram? Oh Wait This is a Blog...

           I am really into #teachersofinstagram I love seeing what other teachers are doing in their classroom. One of the things I regret about blogging and Instagraming my Peace Corps Service is not posting more about the different teaching activities I have done since teaching has been the main focus of my service. I have learned so much through my teaching experience here and I really wish I was able to share more of that journey with all of you. Now with everything I do I can never promise anything, because let's face it when I make promises about my blogs I rarely ever keep them. This being said I will do my best to post more about what I am doing with my classes so you can get a little peak into my classroom. It's messy, hectic, and a little chaotic but my kids and I love every second of it.
          For this weeks blog let's focus on my Reading Intervention Class, yes I teach Whole Class Reading Intervention. I do not do it in small groups.  I don't know how many of you out their our teachers or are familiar with the term. Either way, I am sure that everyone does Reading Intervention differently so I am going to take the time to briefly explain why I do it. I am apart of the Literacy Project in Uganda and my goal for my school was to use teaching Literacy to create a Reading Culture with my students and fellow teachers. I focus on doing this through teaching the Big 5 of Literacy which is: Phonemic Awareness and Alphabet Principle (I teach this through teaching Phonics), Fluency, Vocabulary, and Reading Comprehension (Last term I taught Reading Comprehension technique summarizing/sequencing and this term I plan to do Predication, Making Connections, and Visualization). I honestly think that reading comprehension is my favorite thing to teach. You can have so much fun with your students. I am going to quickly go over how I set up my lessons, but I am going to focus on Reading Comprehension since it is the biggest part of the lessons.

          I start every lesson with 15 minutes of Phonics. The three classes that I teach Reading Intervention for have learned all three sets of Letter Sounds and so we spend our Phonics time reviewing our letters sounds, sounding and reading, and writing our sounds. I try to do my best to pick different activities and games that incorporate these things in order to make their phonics learning fun and exciting.

          After Phonics we move on to 5 minutes of Fluency. I pick a random fluency passage for each of my classes depending on where I feel their reading level is class wide. During fluency we read the passage out loud together as a class in different ways. We practice HOW we are reading so they can start reading books with more feeling and excitement.

         Next we move on to 10 minutes of Vocabulary. I pick one or two words from the book that we are reading that day and we will out an anchor chart for each word. The anchor chart includes; the definition, a picture, an action, and a sentence. On Friday we don't learn new words, instead we review all the words we learned for the week.

          The last thing that we do is 30 minutes of Reading Comprehension. Currently that is me teaching a Reading Comprehension Strategy and then we read the book and practice the strategy. Currently we are learning how to predict both before we read by looking at pictures and during reading. We just started so last week I spent a lot of time predicting for them and asking questions to get them to start thinking about what they think is going to happen next. Next week I plan to dig deeper and have them predict a lot on their own. I may still need to ask questions to keep them thinking but we will have to see.

          I try my best to have anchor charts for EVERYTHING. I haven't made this weeks yet but as soon as I do I will take pictures of the and post the for you all to see. As always if you have any questions or want to hear more about what I do post a comment and I will be sure to either respond or create a blog post for it. I also will try my best to post lessons more on my Instagram with #teachersofinstagram so stay tuned.


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