1 1 8 D A Y S

It is crazy to think that I have 118 days until I hit that gong and I become an official RPCV. So many things can happen in that amount of time and I am trying to be ready for anything that might be thrown my way. I realize that this may sound a bit dramatic but it’s really true. The Peace Corps journey is such a wild ride you never know what obstacles may come your way and it is truly just part of the journey. You always do your best to roll with the punches. Like for example, I was hoping for the possibility of extension but Peace Corps has other plans for me and I should be home sometime in March after I do some traveling in Kenya and South Africa. However, for the next four months I will be teaching, taking pictures, documenting, and exploring around my sweet little village and as much of Uganda as I can.
                I plan to try and document my teaching here a little bit better so you all can see what I have been doing. I also need to start planning for getting a job when I get back home and having a documentation of what I have been doing in Uganda will hopefully help me find my next adventure. I also plan to spend time building a teaching portfolio for job interviews, so if you have any tips let me know. I am planning for the remaining two months of school to be focused on getting to know my students even more. I also hopefully will be so much better about sharing with all of you what is happening in my daily life. I really thought that I would be better about blogging more and it just all went to shit. Here is to a 118 more days on this journey and trying to document even more.
                Sometimes I try to look back on the last 703 days and wonder about what I would say the most important moments were for me. Sometimes I would say that it is all the moments that I watched something click with my students, or maybe the memories I have with my new friends, or the moments that broke me down and allowed me to become a better human being, or maybe it was the moments when I became okay with being alone which allowed me to become independent and able to stand on my own two feet. When I really think about it though, I realize that it is not one of these moments it’s actually all of the combined. This may have been one of the hardest journeys I have ever been on and certainly not for everyone, but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world and I will forever look back on this adventure and be glad I did it.
                I don’t really know if any of this blog is useful or intriguing to any of you. Part of why I haven’t blogged to much is because I haven’t been so sure of what to write about. I am hoping that all of you can help me out a little bit and let me know what you’d like to see me write about for the next 118 days of my journey here in Uganda. It’s crazy to think my time is ending. In 27 days I will have living in Uganda for 2 incredible, challenging, life changing, beautiful years. Saying goodbye is not going to be easy but I know it is time for me to start a new season and begin writing the next chapter of my story. I don’t know if Cali is going to be ready for me but I am coming! I am going to be applying for my credential and hopefully starting my career as a classroom teacher. K-5 here I come! Preschool, you might be coming first but we will certainly see. If anyone has any advice for what is to come next for me please reach out. I am always open ears.


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