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Teachers of Instagram? Oh Wait This is a Blog...

I am really into #teachersofinstagram I love seeing what other teachers are doing in their classroom. One of the things I regret about blogging and Instagraming my Peace Corps Service is not posting more about the different teaching activities I have done since teaching has been the main focus of my service. I have learned so much through my teaching experience here and I really wish I was able to share more of that journey with all of you. Now with everything I do I can never promise anything, because let's face it when I make promises about my blogs I rarely ever keep them. This being said I will do my best to post more about what I am doing with my classes so you can get a little peak into my classroom. It's messy, hectic, and a little chaotic but my kids and I love every second of it.
          For this weeks blog let's focus on my Reading Intervention Class, yes I teach Whole Class Reading Intervention. I do not do it in small groups.  I don't know…

1 1 8 D A Y S

It is crazy to think that I have 118 days until I hit that gong and I become an official RPCV. So many things can happen in that amount of time and I am trying to be ready for anything that might be thrown my way. I realize that this may sound a bit dramatic but it’s really true. The Peace Corps journey is such a wild ride you never know what obstacles may come your way and it is truly just part of the journey. You always do your best to roll with the punches. Like for example, I was hoping for the possibility of extension but Peace Corps has other plans for me and I should be home sometime in March after I do some traveling in Kenya and South Africa. However, for the next four months I will be teaching, taking pictures, documenting, and exploring around my sweet little village and as much of Uganda as I can. I plan to try and document my teaching here a little bit better so you all can see what I have been doing. I also need to start planning for getting a job when I get back home a…