Boudoir Shoot

             When I got back from America I had gained some weight because of how I was eating while I was in town. I was very down on myself and I fell back to how I used to feel about myself fat and ugly. I was so bummed about that because I had come so damn far with my body image and I was going to fall back. With that, I decided I wanted to do a photo shoot in order remind myself how truly beautiful I am. I decided to do a boudoir shoot with a friend of mine as the photographer and it was the best idea for me. I look at the pictures and I see a beautiful girl even if she had gained a bit of weight. I remember that my weight doesn’t make me beautiful I am that no matter what my size is. Because of how much it has inspired my body image I have decided to post those photos on Instagram to inspire others and to remind everyone that we are all beautiful and our size doesn’t define us.
                I struggled with whether or not I should post these photos but I feel like they can truly encourage and inspire others and I am truly comfortable with these pictures, I think they are beautiful and I want others to see them so maybe they can feel more comfortable in their own bodies. I have gotten some backlash from people about my posts and that they are not appropriate and what I say to that is, if they don’t want to see it then they can unfollow me or just skip through my posts. My posts do not actually show anything inappropriate so I am in no way in the wrong. I am not ashamed of my body so I am not going to hold back from posting photos that show off how my body is beautiful.
                I want to encourage each of you that you are beautiful, you are worthy and you are loved. Don’t be afraid to post on social media; show your curves off because those curves are beautiful as are you. So don’t hide, take pictures how you feel beautiful. Take photos in what you feel beautiful in don’t hold back because of what other people say. Their opinions don’t matter it is just yours that matters so if you feel beautiful in the picture post it show it off. I am already planning another shoot with my photographer so stay tuned for another round of photos that make me feel beautiful. It really is a shame that the world tells women how they should look, act, and be. The world does not get to dictate that, you are the only person who can decide how to look, act, and be. Who you are is not defined by the world it is defined by you. So please do all of us women a favor and let yourself decide and show the world what you decided.
Like always, please feel free to share your feedback with me, ask me questions, and suggest posts. You all are lovely and I am thankful that you are still following along on this journey with me.


  1. We did this at my bachelorette party and then slipped photos to the groom on the wedding day. It's such an empowering type of shoot. :)


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