After Peace Corps What the Hell is Next?

I may still have about 8 months left of this journey but that doesn’t mean I should start thinking about what is next. I have thought about finding a job in Uganda outside of Peace Corps and move here for some time, I have thought about extending with Peace Corps for a year, and I have thought about moving back to California and becoming a prechool teacher while I finalize my credential and prepare to become an elementary school teacher after a year or so. I am here to tell you that the third option is the most likely. I am starting to figure prepare myself to make sure that I am ready to teach preschool, I am beginning to put my name in at jobs, starting to research cars I could buy, and looking for places to live once I move back to California. I will most likely be living with my parents for 6 months to get on my feet. (Obviously, I am still very focused on my time here and finishing my service strong, but this post is about what is next.)
  Here is my why. I have finally realized that I am ready to go home and start my career at home. I am not done traveling. No I am going to save up so I can travel during my summers and explore more of this amazing world. My end goal is to teach in an elementary school and have my own classroom. I get my teaching credential through Peace Corps but since I am finished with my service in the middle of the school year in California I won’t be able to find a job very easily. With that Preschool teaching has a huge turn around and preschools are usually almost always hiring. I have also always loved working with preschool age students and I want to try it out for a year to see if maybe that is more of the direction I want to take for my life. Honestly, as long as I am teaching I don’t care what age it is.
More about why preschool is I have been following some preschool l teachers on Instagram and I love all the projects that they have been doing with their students and that is exactly what I want to do to get me integrated back into America. I am already starting my preschool teaching Pinterest Board in order to plan this next adventure that I am about to be on. I am also going to be taking some of what I am planning to teach in preschool with my P1 students to start seeing what can and cannot work with my students once I move back to California. I am also planning on using some of my phonics teaching skills that I have gained here in Uganda while I am teaching my preschoolers back in America. I am very excited about what is going to happen next in my grand adventure of life.
Obviously nothing is for sure this is just my tentative plan of what’s next and I will do my best to keep you updated on what is happening. I am terrified as fuck about going back to America and all that I have to do. I mean finding a full time job in a preschool, buying a car, and finding a place to live. Ugh, I just don’t know if I can do it. I mean I have to so I will. More on this in a later blog once it’s closer to my COS date.

 This month I plan to post three blogs total. This one, my boudoir shoot, and then the beginning of my very first short story. I have begun writing a short story and I plan to write several more. My goal is to post one chapter a month. I have my first chapter all written so stay tuned for it to be most in two short weeks. Happy reading. 


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