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Boudoir Shoot

When I got back from America I had gained some weight because of how I was eating while I was in town. I was very down on myself and I fell back to how I used to feel about myself fat and ugly. I was so bummed about that because I had come so damn far with my body image and I was going to fall back. With that, I decided I wanted to do a photo shoot in order remind myself how truly beautiful I am. I decided to do a boudoir shoot with a friend of mine as the photographer and it was the best idea for me. I look at the pictures and I see a beautiful girl even if she had gained a bit of weight. I remember that my weight doesn’t make me beautiful I am that no matter what my size is. Because of how much it has inspired my body image I have decided to post those photos on Instagram to inspire others and to remind everyone that we are all beautiful and our size doesn’t define us. I struggled with whether or not I should post these photos but I feel like they can truly encourage an…

After Peace Corps What the Hell is Next?

I may still have about 8 months left of this journey but that doesn’t mean I should start thinking about what is next. I have thought about finding a job in Uganda outside of Peace Corps and move here for some time, I have thought about extending with Peace Corps for a year, and I have thought about moving back to California and becoming a prechool teacher while I finalize my credential and prepare to become an elementary school teacher after a year or so. I am here to tell you that the third option is the most likely. I am starting to figure prepare myself to make sure that I am ready to teach preschool, I am beginning to put my name in at jobs, starting to research cars I could buy, and looking for places to live once I move back to California. I will most likely be living with my parents for 6 months to get on my feet. (Obviously, I am still very focused on my time here and finishing my service strong, but this post is about what is next.) Here is my why. I have finally realized t…