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Growth is a Huge Part of This Journey

Something that I have been learning recently is that you grow the most after going through something hard. Instead of taking my time and going through all the hard shit that has happened to me I am going to instead reflect on the positive growth that I have seen in me within the last nineteen months that I have been serving here in Uganda with the Peace Corps. I honestly think that it is very important to take time and reflect when you are going through such an adventure as this as much as you can. This being said today I am taking time to reflect how I have grown. I have been really lonely lately because of recent things that have been happening. I was having a crisis over it because I don’t really like to be alone much. However, now I look at it and realize how truly independent I have become. I am slowly realizing that I am actually quite comfortable in my aloneness. I love living on my own, it gives me the time to read more, write more, and to reflect about life when I need to th…

Where Things Stand Now

This blog post is way overdue. I realize it has been so long since I have written; it makes me sad because it means that I am not doing well on my New Year’s Resolution of writing more. I have been trying to figure out why it’s so important to me that I write these blogs. I think that it comes down to I want to remember this experience, I want to be able to reflect on the ways that I have grown and changed, and I want people to go through this journey with me I want people to see Peace Corps through my eyes and the only way I can really do that is through writing and through pictures on my Instagram. If I am honest with you I feel like I have lost my voice. I don’t know what to say or how to say it anymore. I am unsure of what stories to tell. I guess in a way my service has hit a stale note, which isn’t necessarily bad it just means that I have finally hit my groove and I am teaching, loving, enjoying, and just living this journey like it has always been my normal life. To get us st…