The Beginning of the End

It is hard to believe that term one of year two is almost over. It’s even harder to believe that on May 9th we have been in country for eighteen months and on May 19th at site for sixteen months. Honestly, where has the time gone? How have we already been teaching for four terms and we only have two terms left. Honestly, I still feel like I have so much left to learn and so much left to try and teach at my school. How can I get it all done in just two terms of school but nine months left in my service?? I don’t know but I am sure going to try.
                The biggest thing that I want to get done is a library grant. My school has a beautiful library room, but all that is missing is reading books. It’s hard for me to see the desire to read in my students but no books for them to read really. We have a mission, glass for the windows of the library, readers that will allow for whole class reading, as well as story books for students to read when the library is open. My school and my students are beyond excited which makes me even more excited to begin this work for them. I am in talks with some book suppliers and we are going to have a beautiful library with a good amount of books. Bring it on; I will keep you updated as we take off on this journey.
                For the past two terms we have been rehearsing Snow White to perform. My students are IN LOVE with this and they are having so much fun. They are just having trouble memorizing their lines. My hope is that we can finally perform Cinderella and then perform another play of our choosing and go from there. I believe in my students and I know that they can do it. I just have to figure out how to help them learn their lines better… So if you have any tips PLEASE let me know.
                Lastly my teaching, I actually don’t feel rushed with this at all. Primary three-Primary five has finished all the phonics sets. So we are going to do Whole Class Reading Intervention which will improve their all-around literacy skills I hope, which includes review with sounds. Primary two rocked set one so I am pretty confident they will finish the last two sets. Primary one is struggling with set one but if I am only able to teach them set one but to a point where they are solid and beginning to read more words I will be very satisfied. I also plan to hold workshops during the last two terms so the teachers can continue my instruction when I am no longer teaching at the school anymore.
                The last thing I need to do within the next nine months is travel to the Fort Portal, Arua, and Mbale. I would love to make it up to Kitgum if I have enough time I just don’t think I will. We sure will see though.
                I don’t know if I have said this on my blog, I am hoping to extend my time in Uganda for another year and work at an NGO in Kampala. I really want to stay in Uganda; I am just not ready to be done yet. I want to see what more I can learn here.
                Well here’s to this last part of this adventure. I can’t wait to see what this life brings my way.


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