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Year Two Offically in Full Swing

On February 5th, term one officially began, my second year living in my beautiful village, my second year teaching my beautiful pupils, and my second year on my way to my dream of having my very own classroom in America all comes with term one beginning. The first week of school in most village schools not all the students are in attendance, there are many reasons for this. One, the students don’t come to school because they don’t have their school fees or required supplies. Two, the students don’t come because they are still at home digging or helping around the house. And three, the students don’t come because they just want extra holiday, honestly this is very unlikely. By the second week your classes are filled with all the students you’ll have for the year. You may have some other stragglers that come the third and fourth week but not very many. With all that to say I didn’t begin teaching until week two because I didn’t want to have to re-teach once the rest of the students sh…