I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions because to me, they are just goals that never get maintained, but this year I need to make changes, big ones. Since joining the Peace Corps I have been changing, but there is still so much I need to work through. With that being said, I have decided to create some resolutions.

I have always said that in my blog I am going to be completely honest and transparent with you all and here it goes.
Sometimes I let my anger get the better of me, so this year I am going to work on my anger and not allow it to have control over me any longer. This is hard for me to admit because I have never wanted to be considered an angry person. However, I have anger and I wish that I didn’t. I wish that I took everything that life throws at me with positivity and grace, but I do not and it saddens me. So here I am declaring that I am going to take hold of my life and change this.

I know most of you all know that I struggle pretty painfully with anxiety and insecurities. This has caused a lot of damage to my relationships and to myself. I doubt people and I have a lot of trust issues. My anxiety is probably the worst part of me. It’s the part of me that causes me the most pain, has ruined most relationships and has done the most damage to my life.

This past year I have struggled the most with my relationship with the Lord. I have pushed him aside, stopped believing he was there, and I have felt abandoned. Looking back it’s probably me who has abandoned him, which is awful. This is the furthest I have ever felt from the Lord, and that needs to change now. This year I hope to make my relationship with the Lord right again. I want to live for him and be his hands and feet again. I am His daughter always, and I can’t wait to live in that light again.

Another thing you all know about me is that I struggle with weight, but the past year I have started to lose weight and feel better in my body. I have truly begun to love my body for the way that it is instead of hating it because I am plus size. This year I plan to continue getting healthy, losing weight, loving my body the way that it is and embracing every curve, every imperfection and finding the beauty in it all.

This year I also plan to blog more than I did last year. I plan to try to keep you all updated on my life and allow for you all to continue following me on this journey. My ultimate blogging goal is twice a month, but I promise to blog at least once a month and post to Instagram weekly.

Lastly, I plan to do more things that make me happy and fewer things that make me miserable. I am going to choose happiness. When life throws struggles and my job gets hard, and I begin to stress, I am still going to choose happiness. This year I hope that I cry less because of choosing happiness.
I want to be a better me not for anyone but myself. I want to make myself right, so my relationships can be stronger than ever before. If I can be the person I am meant to be, then it will completely change all of my relationships and make them better.

This year I know is going to be a damn good year. 2017 was pretty spectacular, and 2018 is going to be even better. Cheers to my last year as a Peace Corps Volunteer and all that it has in store.
As I am working on my resolutions, I plan to update you all on my progress so you all can follow along on how I am doing. This way it will also help me stay accountable.


  1. So proud of who you are! Last year in Korea was also my most difficult year in regards to my relationship with God. Now I see that sometimes we need to go through times like that! It changed my perspective in so many ways.


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