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Jesus Where You At?

I identify as a born again Christian, which if you are not familiar with the term born again basically means that I am reborn in Christ because he died for my sins. Now with all that being said I am about to get real. Now, if you were to look at my life I would probably be called a bad Christian. I don’t pray enough, I don’t read my bible enough, I cuss, I drink, I have sex, and I can be a bitch. Now, in my opinion those things don’t make me a bad Christian. Now if you hold this opinion that is fine, but I don’t need your judgment. I believe that all that matters is your heart and how you love. I have been feeling distant from the Lord lately and a little like he has abandoned me and if I am honest it is because other people condemn me for the choices that I have made and I don’t think that’s fair. Now, I know that in many ways I am sinning but you know what that’s between me and God and that doesn’t make me a bad Christian. I am currently trying my hardest to feel a lot less distan…


I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions because to me, they are just goals that never get maintained, but this year I need to make changes, big ones. Since joining the Peace Corps I have been changing, but there is still so much I need to work through. With that being said, I have decided to create some resolutions.

I have always said that in my blog I am going to be completely honest and transparent with you all and here it goes.
Sometimes I let my anger get the better of me, so this year I am going to work on my anger and not allow it to have control over me any longer. This is hard for me to admit because I have never wanted to be considered an angry person. However, I have anger and I wish that I didn’t. I wish that I took everything that life throws at me with positivity and grace, but I do not and it saddens me. So here I am declaring that I am going to take hold of my life and change this.

I know most of you all know that I struggle pretty painfully with anxiety and insecuriti…