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Dear Diary: A Look into My Feelings

Dear Diary, Okay, okay, this hasn’t actually come from my diary but I am going to be open and honest with you all. I know I say this with every blog post, but here it goes again. I have sucked at blogging my Peace Corps service. I really thought that I would be a lot better about it. I’d like to say that it’s because I get very busy and caught up with so many things, well that would be a slight lie, sometimes I am just too lazy to write or too busy reading. Speaking of my reading, I have read ninety-eight books. I am two books away from my one hundred book goal. I can do it. Now let’s get back to my actual post. I have just over two months left as a Peace Corps volunteer and let me be honest, I am struggling. Struggling with the desire to already be home, struggling with that fact that I am spending Christmas away from my family and Thanksgiving was already tremendously sad, struggling because most of my cohort leaves in less than a month and then I will have just about a month and a h…

Teachers of Instagram? Oh Wait This is a Blog...

I am really into #teachersofinstagram I love seeing what other teachers are doing in their classroom. One of the things I regret about blogging and Instagraming my Peace Corps Service is not posting more about the different teaching activities I have done since teaching has been the main focus of my service. I have learned so much through my teaching experience here and I really wish I was able to share more of that journey with all of you. Now with everything I do I can never promise anything, because let's face it when I make promises about my blogs I rarely ever keep them. This being said I will do my best to post more about what I am doing with my classes so you can get a little peak into my classroom. It's messy, hectic, and a little chaotic but my kids and I love every second of it.
          For this weeks blog let's focus on my Reading Intervention Class, yes I teach Whole Class Reading Intervention. I do not do it in small groups.  I don't know…

1 1 8 D A Y S

It is crazy to think that I have 118 days until I hit that gong and I become an official RPCV. So many things can happen in that amount of time and I am trying to be ready for anything that might be thrown my way. I realize that this may sound a bit dramatic but it’s really true. The Peace Corps journey is such a wild ride you never know what obstacles may come your way and it is truly just part of the journey. You always do your best to roll with the punches. Like for example, I was hoping for the possibility of extension but Peace Corps has other plans for me and I should be home sometime in March after I do some traveling in Kenya and South Africa. However, for the next four months I will be teaching, taking pictures, documenting, and exploring around my sweet little village and as much of Uganda as I can. I plan to try and document my teaching here a little bit better so you all can see what I have been doing. I also need to start planning for getting a job when I get back home a…

Boudoir Shoot

When I got back from America I had gained some weight because of how I was eating while I was in town. I was very down on myself and I fell back to how I used to feel about myself fat and ugly. I was so bummed about that because I had come so damn far with my body image and I was going to fall back. With that, I decided I wanted to do a photo shoot in order remind myself how truly beautiful I am. I decided to do a boudoir shoot with a friend of mine as the photographer and it was the best idea for me. I look at the pictures and I see a beautiful girl even if she had gained a bit of weight. I remember that my weight doesn’t make me beautiful I am that no matter what my size is. Because of how much it has inspired my body image I have decided to post those photos on Instagram to inspire others and to remind everyone that we are all beautiful and our size doesn’t define us. I struggled with whether or not I should post these photos but I feel like they can truly encourage an…

After Peace Corps What the Hell is Next?

I may still have about 8 months left of this journey but that doesn’t mean I should start thinking about what is next. I have thought about finding a job in Uganda outside of Peace Corps and move here for some time, I have thought about extending with Peace Corps for a year, and I have thought about moving back to California and becoming a prechool teacher while I finalize my credential and prepare to become an elementary school teacher after a year or so. I am here to tell you that the third option is the most likely. I am starting to figure prepare myself to make sure that I am ready to teach preschool, I am beginning to put my name in at jobs, starting to research cars I could buy, and looking for places to live once I move back to California. I will most likely be living with my parents for 6 months to get on my feet. (Obviously, I am still very focused on my time here and finishing my service strong, but this post is about what is next.) Here is my why. I have finally realized t…

Growth is a Huge Part of This Journey

Something that I have been learning recently is that you grow the most after going through something hard. Instead of taking my time and going through all the hard shit that has happened to me I am going to instead reflect on the positive growth that I have seen in me within the last nineteen months that I have been serving here in Uganda with the Peace Corps. I honestly think that it is very important to take time and reflect when you are going through such an adventure as this as much as you can. This being said today I am taking time to reflect how I have grown. I have been really lonely lately because of recent things that have been happening. I was having a crisis over it because I don’t really like to be alone much. However, now I look at it and realize how truly independent I have become. I am slowly realizing that I am actually quite comfortable in my aloneness. I love living on my own, it gives me the time to read more, write more, and to reflect about life when I need to th…

Where Things Stand Now

This blog post is way overdue. I realize it has been so long since I have written; it makes me sad because it means that I am not doing well on my New Year’s Resolution of writing more. I have been trying to figure out why it’s so important to me that I write these blogs. I think that it comes down to I want to remember this experience, I want to be able to reflect on the ways that I have grown and changed, and I want people to go through this journey with me I want people to see Peace Corps through my eyes and the only way I can really do that is through writing and through pictures on my Instagram. If I am honest with you I feel like I have lost my voice. I don’t know what to say or how to say it anymore. I am unsure of what stories to tell. I guess in a way my service has hit a stale note, which isn’t necessarily bad it just means that I have finally hit my groove and I am teaching, loving, enjoying, and just living this journey like it has always been my normal life. To get us st…

The Beginning of the End

It is hard to believe that term one of year two is almost over. It’s even harder to believe that on May 9th we have been in country for eighteen months and on May 19th at site for sixteen months. Honestly, where has the time gone? How have we already been teaching for four terms and we only have two terms left. Honestly, I still feel like I have so much left to learn and so much left to try and teach at my school. How can I get it all done in just two terms of school but nine months left in my service?? I don’t know but I am sure going to try. The biggest thing that I want to get done is a library grant. My school has a beautiful library room, but all that is missing is reading books. It’s hard for me to see the desire to read in my students but no books for them to read really. We have a mission, glass for the windows of the library, readers that will allow for whole class reading, as well as story books for students to read when the library is open. My school and my students are be…

Teaching is my Calling

Since I was a little girl I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I went through my phases of other possible career paths. However, my desire always went back to teaching. Something about teaching is that you are never going to know if it is the right career path until you actually begin your career. I started teaching when I first started going to Uganda but it was only a couple months at a time. Then of course with my job at STAR but again it was different.I couldn’t fully say that teaching was the right career path for me until joining the Peace Corps and teaching my pupils all day every day. Teaching is definitely hard and time consuming. Your job is never over. You teach all day, go home and mark or lesson plan, and you sit on Pinterest trying to find new and creative ways to spice up your lessons. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. I honestly love lesson planning, and I mean who doesn’t love sitting on Pinterest. I am not a huge fan of marking though. It…

Classroom Management Ugandan Edition

Teaching in Uganda always has its adventures. Especially in the classroom management department, I have 75 students who can’t always pick my accent and are used to being disciplined with a cane which, makes it hard sometimes when I go into the class trying to use a positive behavior system I didn’t always get respect from the kids. They thought, since she is not  going to cane us we don’t really have to listen to her. It took me several months of brain breaks, fun call and responses, and showing that the kids will get rewarded if they behave to get them to respect me and listen. I am realizing more and more that it's going to be so interesting head back and teaching in the states and cutting my class size to a third of what it is now. It's going to be a challenge to adjust for sure. However, I am always up for the challenge. To be able to manage 75 students you have to be creative, energetic, and active.
                With all that being said, I decided that it mi…

Cheers to International Women's Day

Cheers to International Women’s Day
Today on International Women’s Day I think about all the women in the world that fought for equality that we have today, the women that still fight for our equality, and of course all the women who are badass that have done great things in this world. I never really considered myself a feminist until recently. When I realized that it was so much more than just equal rights, but about respect for the strength, bravery, and intelligence that women possess but that often goes unnoticed since people often focus on women’s beauty instead of her abilities and her personality. It’s important to also remember that feminism is about being equal and you can be equal by putting men down. You have to build women up while simultaneously encouraging men as well. Say what you want about that but we CANNOT expect to be equal if we put men down while getting there. “Gender Equality is not a woman’s issue it’s a human issue. It affects us all.” I am so damn proud to b…

Check in part 1

Two months into the year and my resolutions are already being pushed to the back burner. Okay maybe not the back burner but they definitely aren’t all being fulfilled. I am proud to say that some of them are being worked on and I am doing pretty well trying to achieve the change that I most desire for my life. Let’s do a quick recap of my goals, to begin to control my anger better, to work on my anxiety and insecurities, work on my relationship with the Lord, continue you my weight loss journey, blog twice a month, and lastly do more things that make me happy. Okay well let’s talk about how I am doing. I am trying to control my anger and I am seeing (well having phone calls with…) a therapist we haven’t gotten to the point where we are working on my anger just yet. However, I have been trying to work on controlling it myself, however I haven’t been given tools or tips so I still struggle but I am definitely working on it. It just isn’t going very well. It’s important tha…

Year Two Offically in Full Swing

On February 5th, term one officially began, my second year living in my beautiful village, my second year teaching my beautiful pupils, and my second year on my way to my dream of having my very own classroom in America all comes with term one beginning. The first week of school in most village schools not all the students are in attendance, there are many reasons for this. One, the students don’t come to school because they don’t have their school fees or required supplies. Two, the students don’t come because they are still at home digging or helping around the house. And three, the students don’t come because they just want extra holiday, honestly this is very unlikely. By the second week your classes are filled with all the students you’ll have for the year. You may have some other stragglers that come the third and fourth week but not very many. With all that to say I didn’t begin teaching until week two because I didn’t want to have to re-teach once the rest of the students sh…

Jesus Where You At?

I identify as a born again Christian, which if you are not familiar with the term born again basically means that I am reborn in Christ because he died for my sins. Now with all that being said I am about to get real. Now, if you were to look at my life I would probably be called a bad Christian. I don’t pray enough, I don’t read my bible enough, I cuss, I drink, I have sex, and I can be a bitch. Now, in my opinion those things don’t make me a bad Christian. Now if you hold this opinion that is fine, but I don’t need your judgment. I believe that all that matters is your heart and how you love. I have been feeling distant from the Lord lately and a little like he has abandoned me and if I am honest it is because other people condemn me for the choices that I have made and I don’t think that’s fair. Now, I know that in many ways I am sinning but you know what that’s between me and God and that doesn’t make me a bad Christian. I am currently trying my hardest to feel a lot less distan…


I don’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions because to me, they are just goals that never get maintained, but this year I need to make changes, big ones. Since joining the Peace Corps I have been changing, but there is still so much I need to work through. With that being said, I have decided to create some resolutions.

I have always said that in my blog I am going to be completely honest and transparent with you all and here it goes.
Sometimes I let my anger get the better of me, so this year I am going to work on my anger and not allow it to have control over me any longer. This is hard for me to admit because I have never wanted to be considered an angry person. However, I have anger and I wish that I didn’t. I wish that I took everything that life throws at me with positivity and grace, but I do not and it saddens me. So here I am declaring that I am going to take hold of my life and change this.

I know most of you all know that I struggle pretty painfully with anxiety and insecuriti…