Holiday Season as a Plus Size Person

                Holiday season can be hard on anyone; however Holiday Season for a Plus Size person can be difficult because you not only have to worry about the cost of it all, but also all the Holiday food. Let me tell you I am struggling. In the past year I have lost about 70 or so pounds and thinking about the holiday season and all the food I am going to be consuming I am terrified I am going to gain back some weight and that scares me. However, why the hell should it scare me? Why is it the end of the world if I gain back a few pounds after I have lost so much? I mean I know fit in to one size leggings and a medium skirt. I never thought that would happen. I always dreamed it would happen but I never thought it really would.
                Here I am coming up to Holiday Season terrified of gaining weight. I am not even thinking about the Holiday itself and what it means. I am just worried about what all the food is going to do to my body. Therefore, I am thinking about all the ways that I need to work out to not gain so much weight during the Holiday. I am basically telling you all of this because I have bad days. I struggle with my weight and I think that I always will. That’s the struggle of living all your life as plus size. I am getting to a point where I just want to be healthy; I just want to be at a weight that allows me to be healthy and no longer over weight.
                Loving your body is hard I understand that, however when you do love your body it changes your life tremendously. When you are confident in your body, in your own skin everyone else is going to see that and nothing else is going to matter. My challenge to you is spend some time reflecting on yourself and remember that you are beautiful. Sit, reflect, and find the confidence you need in yourself. People of the world are always going to tell you that you need to look a certain way, act a certain way, and be a certain way BUT I am telling you right now that you just need to be who you want to be not what the world wants.
                Here I am struggling with not wanting to gain weight. Why? I think that I am looking good and if I gain a few pounds I am still going to look good. So go into this holiday season not worrying about anything, but just focusing on the season and what that means from you and your family. That should be your only focus. Now I am not saying throw away your diet, I am just saying don’t focus on it. I know so many of you have worked hard to lose weight and to be where you are today, keep working don’t let the holiday season change that but it shouldn’t take over your entire mind. Focus on your favorite parts and enjoy. My favorite part of holiday season is being with my family, watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa, and Christmas pajamas.
                I would love to hear how the holiday season is for each of you. What do you struggle with during this time? What is your favorite part?


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