Here is to Term 3

                It has been a while since I have really updated you all about my life here in Uganda. We have officially started term 3. Term 3 is going to be quite a busy one and honestly I am so excited about all that. My theatre program is up and running we will start officially rehearsing for our play in about two weeks and it’s incredible. This term I am continuing my whole class instruction for P2-P4. Plus library classes for all grades. I am excited about this because I plan to build a book report project with my older kids to get them more excited about reading. I am also going to continue my one hour of open library time during lunch so that kids have more options of things that they can do other than just playing outside. I know that not all kids enjoy playing outside all the time and that sometimes they’d rather hang out and read. On top of all of that I plan to continue my boys and girls group. We are starting the term off with working on five paragraph essays and pen pal letters. My days will be long and that’s okay because I am here to work and somehow make a difference.
                I have also got some very exciting news Peace Corps and California Credentialing has a partnership and I can get my credential from just having taught in Peace Corps. I have to take all the tests or take classes within the first five years of teaching but I can still officially begin teaching once they give me the temporary credential. This means I don’t have to go back to school and I don’t have to do the TPAs which was the most stressful part for me. I might actually be able to get a job the second that I get home. This is seriously all a huge win. I am also not going to lie. I have already started studying for all my tests because I plan to pass the right away.
                This past holiday was honestly perfect. It was just the right amount of self-care. I was able to enjoy a music festival and hang out with friends travel a bit too new places in Uganda, and enjoy delightful western food. Holidays are exactly what us teachers need. Life in the Peace Corps is incredibly amazing but it is also rough at times and extremely stressful. For this reason you need to take care of yourself and make sure that you aren’t overloading yourself with stress. I have handled my fair share of stress and anxiety during my service thus far and I am so thankful I have been able to figure out how to care for myself in so many ways. It doesn’t take my anxiety away but it totally helps to ease it.
                Currently I am trying to turn to Jesus with my anxiety struggles instead of others. It really hasn’t been easy for me because people are tangible and I can hear them which makes it easier for me to go to them. However, I am currently trying really hard to turn to the Lord for my anxiety needs. However, let’s be honest 9/10 times I call my dad crying when I am experiencing anxiety. So here’s to turning to the Lord instead of others. 


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