Bucket List Item: Nyege Nyege

Nyege Nyege is a huge ass music festival that Uganda puts on every September. It’s almost like Coachella, but so so much better. I mean I don’t actually know because I have never been to Coachella so I am just assuming. Most people camp out at the festival and music is playing no joke the entire time 24/7, this way you can dance until you can’t no more. This year was let ything me tell you interesting. It rained pretty much the entire time and the venue was insanely muddy so you spent the entire week with muddy feet, muddy shoes, and if you fell muddy everything. Not only is there good music but there is good food as well. They had some of the best “food trucks” in Uganda. You good eat anything from hot dogs, to sushi, to jerk chicken, to burgers, to ice cream. Anything you could possibly as for. Okay not anything, but there were tacos. People from all over the world come to Uganda specifically for this festival. This was one of the items on my bucket list because almost all of the PCVs would talk about it and tell us that we had to go so it easily became something that I HAD to do before I left Uganda. Here is to hoping that I go next year as well.



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