Yet Another Fresh Start

Term 2 just ended, that means that I have officially taught two terms in Uganda and have one term left before completing a full year of teaching. This term was full of ups and downs, doubts and successes, joyfulness and sadness, and so much more. There were new classes, new clubs, a training gone to, and adventures had. This term I learned a lot and I grew so much.

In terms of school this term we started after school library classes with each class that we will also continued next term. For my older classes we are going to be reading through chapter books, answering questions about the book and doing a small book report.  With my younger classes I will read them a short story, work on phonics and have them find their letter sound in their books that they will then read on their own. For each of the classes during library time we will also work on some spelling bee practices to prepare for our school wide spelling bee in the middle of term three. I also started library reading time during lunch in order for the pupils to read while they are not eating. We also started two clubs that happen after school a theatre club and a boys and girls club. Theatre next term will consist of my students putting on a play. We will be choosing a fairytale that we rewrite to be culturally appropriate. My counterpart is so excited and needless to say I am as well. As for my boys and girls club we do whatever we want. Right now we are working on learning how to write a five paragraph essay and will build up to creating our own stories. We wrote an essay before term break about what my pupils would do if they were president for the day. It was so incredible to read how they would try and change their country or improve their families lives. I also taught phonics classes and a whole class reading intervention both things that will be continued next term. My students finished set one of the letter sounds and we will continue with set two next term after we do a small review of set one. This term went very well, I am very excited for how things turned out. 

My favorite part of the term was getting to know my students more and being able to share with them more about me. My pupils love asking me question about my life and about america. Next term my P6 and P7 pupils will be corresponding with some students back in the states, I am so excited for this because my students are so excited to learn more about america and now they will be able to learn more about Uganda from students their age. 

One more project that I am beginning next term, probably the project  am most excited for is my photo project. I plan to make it similar to Humans of New York but instead it will be Pupils of Uganda. I plan to call this project "Still Life". "Still Life" because I am going to be taking pictures of my pupils, interviewing them and then sharing their stories and photos so that people can learn more about their life and how they have grown up and what their hopes and dreams are about. 

During term two, on the weekends I was able to travel a little bit around Uganda and hang out with my friends. We went on an island adventure, had a massive blow out for several birthdays including my own, and I was able to see some friends from home by going to Toggo and joining the mission for a weekend. 

I love the ending of terms, not because that means we go on holiday, (that is a major perk however), but it means that I get to start fresh with a new term. I will be doing much of the same things but we get to start a new chapter and learn new things together after a break that will hopefully rejuvenate each of us. 

So here is to the end of term to! It was a wild adventurous one. Cheers to term three in order for us to learn new things and experience many adventures.


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