Going Back to Toggo Again

I had the pleasure of heading back to my beautiful village of Toggo a few weeks ago which was such a huge blessing to my heart and my soul. Not only did I see some of my closest friends who live in Uganda and my Ugandan family, I was also able to see some dear friends from back home. Boy, I have missed people from home and I didn't realize how much until I saw some of my people.

The weekend was filled with soul reviving conversations, spending time with dear ones, and falling in love with Toggo all over again. I was able to help at a medical clinic, attend a crusade, and go to a church that I have missed dearly.

Now, I can't tell you that this weekend was easy. Seeing people from home was incredible but it made me miss my family and my best friends that I didn't get to see more than I already do. And leaving my friends and family broke my heart and made me feel like I left home again. However, it was completely worth to have that little bit of home here for a weekend to catch up with some very dear friends and reconnected with some old ones I hadn't talked to in awhile.

I left that weekend with a full heart and a revived soul, ready to finish term two and continue on the journey and this adventure of a life time. So, if you ever want to visit you are most welcome. I would love to see you here in this new home of mine for another filled heart and revived soul. Come one come all you'll have a blast I promise.


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