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Yet Another Fresh Start

Term 2 just ended, that means that I have officially taught two terms in Uganda and have one term left before completing a full year of teaching. This term was full of ups and downs, doubts and successes, joyfulness and sadness, and so much more. There were new classes, new clubs, a training gone to, and adventures had. This term I learned a lot and I grew so much.

In terms of school this term we started after school library classes with each class that we will also continued next term. For my older classes we are going to be reading through chapter books, answering questions about the book and doing a small book report.  With my younger classes I will read them a short story, work on phonics and have them find their letter sound in their books that they will then read on their own. For each of the classes during library time we will also work on some spelling bee practices to prepare for our school wide spelling bee in the middle of term three. I also started library reading time du…

How in the World am I 25?

This past weekend I just turned a quarter of a century old. I honestly don't understand how that is possible. I feel like I turned 16 just yesterday. Yet here I am 25, finally able to rent a car, at a point where my car insurance can go down, as well as being an official adult in my eyes.

Man I have been asking myself what do I have to show for being 25? I don't have a career, I have massive student loan debt, I just barely graduated from college, and I am working as a volunteer. Than I remembered, that I am living out my dream. I may not be in a career but I am doing a job that I absolutely love. I may have massive student loan debt but I am in Uganda living the life I have always dreamed of. I may not be making very much money but I sure as hell can live comfortably in this beautiful country that I call home.

I got to spend my third birthday in Uganda but my first one actually living in this country. One of my fears heading to new places is celebrating a birthday alone espe…

Going Back to Toggo Again

I had the pleasure of heading back to my beautiful village of Toggo a few weeks ago which was such a huge blessing to my heart and my soul. Not only did I see some of my closest friends who live in Uganda and my Ugandan family, I was also able to see some dear friends from back home. Boy, I have missed people from home and I didn't realize how much until I saw some of my people.

The weekend was filled with soul reviving conversations, spending time with dear ones, and falling in love with Toggo all over again. I was able to help at a medical clinic, attend a crusade, and go to a church that I have missed dearly.

Now, I can't tell you that this weekend was easy. Seeing people from home was incredible but it made me miss my family and my best friends that I didn't get to see more than I already do. And leaving my friends and family broke my heart and made me feel like I left home again. However, it was completely worth to have that little bit of home here for a weekend to c…