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Sick Sick Sick

Over the past few months I have been battling all sorts of sickness.  I feel like I had GI issues every other week which came equipped with stomach pain and the like. I had really bad insomnia, where I kid you not I slept a  total of three hours each night going to bed at almost 3 or 4 am every day. And on top of all that I was dealing with the worst headaches of my life. When they got to be the very worst I was in so much pain I could barely stand up and don’t even get me started on how much light affected my headaches, which is hard when the sun is almost always so bright. I would do my best to push through and be at work and teach as best I can, but honestly my health really got to me some days and I had to reluctantly stay in bed and rest all day. My school was very supportive and caring about getting me healthy.  My anxiety gets the best of me and tells me I am not doing nearly enough and some of my classes have had to be put on the backburner so I could take car…

Bucket List Item 5: Ssese Island

I am getting really good at checking these items off the bucket list. This weekend we decided to celebrate the 4th of July in the middle of Lake Victoria. It was a blast. We stayed at a hostel that was close to the beach that allowed us to enjoy beautiful sunsets. During the day we walked from our hotel to another hotel that had a beautiful pool and beach front. The island didn’t have the best cell service which was honestly incredible not needing to check your phone every few hours. We found some decent food on the island and enjoyed incredible weather. If I am honest we enjoyed the weather a tad bit more. At night we hung out, drank, played card games, and played beer pong. There was a club, but we were not able to go to the club. We also got to ride a sweet ferry to the island and that made some of us feel like home. I am going to let the pictures do the rest of the speaking, because that will be enough.