What Do You Even Do Everyday?

What do I do everyday? Well let me tell you. Honestly, each day is a little different. So let me basically tell you the classes I teach and I will explain what I do while I am not teaching. I believe that is going to be the easiest way for me to explain what I do.

So everyday at 9 am after getting ready for the day, after deciding if I need to bucket bathe or not, I go and teach P2 Phonics for 30 minutes. Also everyday I open up the library from 1-2. Another everyday activity is one small group reading intervention for 45 minutes at 2. The last everyday activity is library classes with one primary class per day.

Monday - Wednesday I teach P3 Phonics at 10 am for 30 minutes. I also teach P4 whole class reading intervention at 11 am for about 45 minutes.

Starting on July 6th I will be starting a Theatre Club that will meet Tuesdays and Thursday at 4:30 for an hour and our end goal will be to perform a play.

Then on Wednesdays I meet with my P6 and P7 students at 4:30 for about an hour for a boys and girls club.

When I am not teaching or running a club, I will most likely be seen prepping lessons for my classes and my club. I spend down time watching shows on DVD mainly Gilmore girls. I also cook and spend time with my sweet Kitty Luna. I also try to get out and hang out with my kiddos and get to know them as best I can.

And on weeks you will see me cleaning, hanging out in Jinja, or spending time with my neighbors who happen to be my beautiful students.

So now that you know what I do everyday let me tell you a little bit about my classes and clubs.

First my to phonics classes. Each day I teach the class a new letter sound. Each lesson consists of a review at the beginning, then we move into teach the new letter sound, which we go over how to say the sound, learn an action for the sound, and than we learn a song. After we have learned the new letter sound we do reading and writing activities to reinforce the letter sound and to make sure that each letter sound is fully known.

The next classes I teach are small group reading intervention and whole class reading intervention these are essentially the same just one done with the entire class and the other done with ten students. In these classes we do 15 minutes of phonics instruction so same as my phonics lessons with P2 and P3 just short, then we do fluency for 5 minutes. I usually pick a fun song for the students to read and we practice reading with inflection and good timing. Then we do 10 minutes of vocabulary, which the words come from the book we are reading for our reading comprehension that we do for 15 minutes. In that we read a story and I teach the students a new reading comprehension strategy. Right now we are learning sequencing and summarizing.

Libary hour from 1-2 just consists of me opening our library in order for students to read during lunch if they want to. Library classes I begin by reading a story to the students and then I allow them time to silently read. I will also switch things up and have them do some writing lessons, I will teach them poetry, story writing, and essay writing.

My boys and girls club is anything the P6 and P7 students want it to be. I let them tell me what they want to learn. So far we have done HIV, a Q&A with me, and next we are doing a history of Americans Independence day. We will do art projects, garden projects, writing projects, anything at all that they want.

Lastly we have my Theatre Club. I haven't offically started that yet but it will consist of theatre games, learning theatre terms, and then them putting on a play. I can't wait to begin this club and get the students out of their comfort zones and practicing some oral language skills.

Term 2 is much more packed than last term and I am so excited about being busy and starting these clubs and classes because my students are enjoying very much. And my counterpart is even more excited about the start of the theatre club than I am which makes me even more excited. So stay tuned as I continue to share with you how term 2 is going.


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