Unexpected Bucket List Item 4: Bungee Jumping

             I am really going after this whole adventure thing and trying my hardest to never say no out of fear. With that being said, I did the scariest thing of my entire life and went Bungee Jumping over the Nile. Holy shit I can’t believe I did that. A few months ago some friends of mine went Bungee Jumping and I thought how cool, but I could never do that. I was too scared for several reasons but the main reason being my weight; honestly I thought I’d be too heavy to jump. But I have been losing a lot of weight since moving to Uganda so I thought maybe eventually during my service I will do it.
                Well, the company we went rafting with was doing a promo deal, rafting and bungee jumping for only 140usd. I still said no way I am not doing it. Well, we go to Adrift the day of rafting and we were all signing up. Several of my friends decided to take the deal and go bungee jumping and I thought man I really should do it know, however I was still way too terrified. So I began to talk it out and I remember what I told myself no saying no out of fear. I knew deep down that I was safe, so I ran into the office and I signed up before I could change my mind.  I walked out of the office saying, “What the fuck did I just sign up for?”
                Well bungee jumping wasn’t till the next day, we were to go rafting first, and we did that which you read in my previous blog that it was truly a blast. I woke up the next morning got ready and headed back to adrift to jump. I asked to go first so I wouldn’t have time to chicken out. I climbed up the huge ass set of stair to the top where we were to jump. I sat down in a chair got all tied up and secured for my jump still thinking the entire time, “what the fuck did I sign up for?” Well it was that time, time for me to jump. I hobbled over to the edge stood there, looked down even though the guy said not to and I froze, I know longer thought I could do it. Naturally I looked back at the guy and said you’re going to have to push me or I am not going to be able to do it. Yes, you read that right I didn’t jump I was pushed and I fell gracefully, or at least I thought it was pretty graceful. Anyway he said, “three… two… one… bungee” then he pushed and I took off down, down, down all the way to the water where my hands slightly touched the Nile than I bounced back up several more times. The entire time think wow that was so scary, I might die, but I loved every second of it. Once I stopped bouncing they lowered me down into a raft and I was done.

                I’m not joking when I say that this was the scariest thing I have ever done, but I am done letting fear control me. I will no longer say no out of fear, unless the situation is truly unsafe, because at that point I am just being smart and not living life recklessly. So there you have it a story of a girl who is no longer choosing fear over adventure. Stay tuned for more stories of just that. Life is too short to live it in fear.


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