Bucket List Item 3: White Water Rafting

               On May 16th I was able to go White Water Rafting in the Nile. I had never been White Water Rafting before so I knew that this was bound to be an adventure. Boy, was I correct we experience grade 3 to 5 rapids. Now let me give you a bit of background on our rapids we experienced we looked them up to see the difficulty level. Grade 3 rapids should be left to rafting experts. Grade 4 rapids should be left to advanced rafters and a kayak rescue should be present. Grade five rapids should only be done by rafting professionals and kayak rescue is mandatory. So basically we were rafting in rapids that should be left to rafting professionals all to which none of us were. Well except our rafting guides which each boat had one and we had about four kayak rescuers.
                I swallowed way more of the Nile than anyone ever should, I thought I was going to drown more times than I could count but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The rush that I experienced during the rapids was unlike anything I have experienced. The absolute fear of whether or not you were going to flip or not to the constant rush of joy you experienced while bouncing up and down on the rapids.  Writing this out I sound crazy for enjoying it but it was honestly an experience I will never forget and always hope to do again.
                AND all of this was done in the Nile, I mean not many people can say that they went white water rafting in the Nile before. I mean I know a lot but it’s because I live in Uganda where it happens lol. But, outside of here you won’t find very many so it makes the experience that much better.

                Here’s to crossing things off my bucket list and exploring Uganda hoping that bravery will always come as I seek these adventures. 


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