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Unexpected Bucket List Item 4: Bungee Jumping

I am really going after this whole adventure thing and trying my hardest to never say no out of fear. With that being said, I did the scariest thing of my entire life and went Bungee Jumping over the Nile. Holy shit I can’t believe I did that. A few months ago some friends of mine went Bungee Jumping and I thought how cool, but I could never do that. I was too scared for several reasons but the main reason being my weight; honestly I thought I’d be too heavy to jump. But I have been losing a lot of weight since moving to Uganda so I thought maybe eventually during my service I will do it.                 Well, the company we went rafting with was doing a promo deal, rafting and bungee jumping for only 140usd. I still said no way I am not doing it. Well, we go to Adrift the day of rafting and we were all signing up. Several of my friends decided to take the deal and go bungee jumping and I thought man I really should do it know, however I was still way too terrified. So …

Bucket List Item 3: White Water Rafting

On May 16th I was able to go White Water Rafting in the Nile. I had never been White Water Rafting before so I knew that this was bound to be an adventure. Boy, was I correct we experience grade 3 to 5 rapids. Now let me give you a bit of background on our rapids we experienced we looked them up to see the difficulty level. Grade 3 rapids should be left to rafting experts. Grade 4 rapids should be left to advanced rafters and a kayak rescue should be present. Grade five rapids should only be done by rafting professionals and kayak rescue is mandatory. So basically we were rafting in rapids that should be left to rafting professionals all to which none of us were. Well except our rafting guides which each boat had one and we had about four kayak rescuers.                 I swallowed way more of the Nile than anyone ever should, I thought I was going to drown more times than I could count but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. The rush that I experienced during the rapids w…

And That's a Wrap on Term 1

It’s hard to believe that our first term of teaching is already over. That means we have been in country for almost six months and we have been official Peace Corps Volunteers for about three months. In the grand scheme of things it hasn’t been that long, I mean six out of twenty-seven months that nothing, however when you have been away from home for six months in a place that is so unknown to you six months really does become a long time. It truly has been the most incredible sixth month of my life, living in a country I have been DYIN to live and teach here for five years and now I am doing just that. Now, these past three months being an active Peace Corps Volunteer have not always been easy. I have been going through crazy bits of anxiety, stress, and a bit of homesickness. I have although done my best to make Uganda my home and I have indeed been able to do that as best as I possibly can. I have gained a sweet kitty Luna, some of the best friends, and best coworkers.…