Bucket List Item 2: Safari, Nile Cruise, and National Park Number One

Easter weekend was an absolute dream come true. We saw Uganda at its wildest and most untouched, and it was magical. I spent the weekend at Murchison Falls in northern Ugandan with three of my best friends here in Uganda and Murchison was unbelievably breathtaking. While there I went on my first ever safari and saw more animals than I could ever imagine. Some of the animals we saw we were able to get so close to. Honestly all four of us spent most of the weekend in awe of what we were seeing, the beauty of Uganda and the animals it was an adventure to say the least. During safari we saw, elephants, Ugandan kobs (which are similar to antelope), water buffalo, water bucks, crocodiles, hippos, birds, giraffes, warthogs, and a lioness! Seeing the lioness was amazing. She was beautiful and on the hunt. We almost saw her attack at warthog but she took to long to pounce and the warthog walked away. 

We had to game drives (Safari drives), one the first morning and the second one on the last afternoon on the way out of the park. Not only did we do game drives but we went on a sunset cruise and a safari cruise. There we got incredibly close to crocodiles, hippos, elephants, and giraffes. My life was made when we got so close to the elephants because they are hands down my favorite animal and I was close to a wild one it was the perfect day. Watching the sunset on the Nile was a breathtaking moment. Sunsets are always beautiful in Uganda and on the Nile it was even better. We also took a small hike to the falls which was unlike anything I had ever see. We also saw the falls on our Nike cruise and got to explore an alcove in the jungle. When we weren't exploring we were hanging out at the camp site which had a lovely view, delicious food, and lots of drinks. To say we had a blast is an understatement. 

I have been to Uganda several times but I have only been to a few places since I am always focused on my mission and don't want to leave Toggo. However, since I currently live in Uganda I have lots of time to travel so this was my first adventure to new places. I fell in love with Uganda all over again and I never thought I could. 

I believe that a very important part of Peace Corps Service is exploring your country of service and experiencing where you live to the fullest potential. Therefore, if you decide to join the Peace Corps and you accept your invitation explore and get to know your country of service so save your money prior so you can. Trust me you won't regret it. 

Next bucket list item to check off is rafting in the Nile. We are about four weeks away from that. But don't worry I'll see you next week with a new blog post about what's been going on at my site. Much love. 


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