Back in Toggo for the Weekend

For those of you who are just tuning into my blog or who just might not know. I have been visiting Uganda twice a year since 2011 going back to the same village, Toggo, each time working at a school. Now, since moving to Uganda in November, I haven’t been able to go back to Toggo to visit and to see my family and kids that have grown so dear to my life. My heart was aching so bad to be with my sweet family and kids. This weekend I was finally able to get back and my heart became whole again.
                Driving up to the village and taking that turn onto Toggo road gave me new life. I was so excited about seeing my kids, which to my surprise my sweet Lynette who calls me mom saw me the second we pulled up screamed and came running to say hi. I hopped out of the car and gave her the biggest hug. My daughter being the first person I saw when getting to Toggo was perfect and I couldn’t wait to see the rest of my kids. Then Lynette and I than traveled up to Toggo High so that I could see the new building and my other kids. The kids were so surprised and happy to see me, as was I so happy to see them. Then we traveled to the Primary school and the Nursery School so I could see teachers and the rest of my kids. Not only was I able to see my kids but I was able to see my sweet sisters, and brothers. It was so good just hanging out and catching up with them.
                I was in Toggo Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. On Saturday I hung out at the house with my sisters, and then went to the pitch to watch football and Netball practice. Than from there I walked up to the neighboring village to see some of the kids that lived there, than I went to the school again to hang out with some kids for a while. Being back in Toggo was unreal because I now live in Uganda but not in Toggo like I am used to. 

                Leaving Toggo this weekend was not like it has ever been because I knew that I could head back again soon to see my kids. Its hard living in Uganda and not being in Toggo but knowing I can visit whenever allows it to be less difficult. Here’s to many more weekend trips to Toggo.


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