I Got a Cat.

Meet my sweet Luna Roe.

This weekend I went to Masaka to pick up my sweet kitty from another PCV. Her cat just happened to have kittens and she so graciously gave me Luna. So Friday evening I heading down to Masaka for the evening to stay with another PCV from my cohort and grab my kitty.

The second I saw Luna I fell in love. She was very shy at first and scared of my friends kitten. However she warmed right up to me and ended up sleeping with me that night.

So Saturday morning we woke up and embarked on the five out journey back to my site. Yup I traveled on public transportation with a very scared, whiny, and upset kitten. No joke she cried the entire way from Kampala to Lugazi which took 3 hours. She was quite happy to get home. So I traveled with her in a picnic basket with breathing holes and a closed top so she couldn't escape, which was good since she tried to escape several times.

Once we got home I created her temporary litter box, got her some milk and let her loose. She proceeded to explore her new home and settled in quickly. My bed has also become her bed which is great. She likes to sleep either at my feet, right above my head, however this morning I found her right in between my arms snuggled up against my chest. Honestly the best way to wake up. She loves to climb and play on my mosquito net, she likes to play with my feet, and lick my fingers. She truly is a doll and I'm absolutely in love with my little Luna.


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