My Peace Corps Adventures in Cooking Part 1

              Let me start out by telling you that I do live a bit of the Posh Corps life when it comes to cooking. Not to mention I don’t cook a variety of food either. Now I happen to cook on a two burner gas stove, which isn’t very uncommon for PCVs in Uganda. However there are a handful of volunteers that choose not to spend the money on a gas stove because it is about 500k shillings for the burners and the gas tank. When you first move to site you get a settling in allowance, which is a good amount of money, but you have to decide what you need for your house to make it home. You need to decide if you want to buy a couch or chair, if you want a big bed or a small twin bed, if you want specific decorations or anything else for your house. I decided that my gas stove was important to me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to cook on a sigiri, which is a charcoal stove. I decided that I couldn't cook on a sigiri because I can’t light a match so I figured I wouldn’t be able to light the sigiri. And yes I cannot light a match. I don’t understand why but I just cannot do it. So I live the small posh corps life and cook on a gas stove.

                Now I have never been much of a breakfast person and I eat lunch at school, which for me is beans, but we are offered posho and beans. I am telling you this because that means I only cook dinner, which is top ramen every night, if I am feeling fancy I will make some garlic bread. The garlic bread is made with sliced white bread, butter spread on both sides with garlic powder sprinkled on top. I fry both sides in a pan on my stove and it’s delightful. One night I got really brave and made tomato soup from scratch, the fanciest dinner I have made thus far, and it also happened to be the only time I didn’t eat top ramen. Now other volunteers cook food better than I do and eventually I plan to start actually cooking foods that aren’t top ramen. I have recipes for a creamy white sauce, gnocchi, tomato soup, fried rice, and much much more. So stay tuned till that actually starts to happen.

This is my two burner stove

This is a sigiri


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