Bucket List item 1: Tattoo

This weekend I was able to check off an item from my bucket list and that is getting a tattoo in Uganda. I have a friend who introduced me to a badass tattoo artist who made my random dream of getting a tattoo done here in Uganda. This tattoo symbolizes what I hope to be during my service here in Uganda with the Peace Corps.
                Muvumu means brave, which fits in perfectly with my With Brave Wings She WILL Fly blog theme. I am often put in situations where I need to be brave. Traveling on public transportation you have to be brave because traveling anywhere you aren’t used to can be scary. Meeting new people and building lasting relationships you have to be brave and remember that you can do this and they will like you. Teaching content that you aren’t used teaching to students who’s native language you barely know you have to be brave and remember that you were taught how to do this and you can do this. I am often put in uncomfortable situations that I have to be brave within and the situations become more comfortable. All this to say is I often hold too much fear inside me that I have to be brave. About a month ago I was struggling with things and I had forgotten my promise to myself to be brave throughout this journey and my friend reminded me to put my brave wings on. Every morning I remember myself to put my brave wings on and I conquer the day. So now I have this new tattoo that will remind me for the next two years to be brave.

                The tattoo that I got is a lion which I believe to be a very brave and courageous animal. Underneath the lion is the word Muvumu which is the Luganda word for brave. I am seriously in love with this tattoo. My tattoo artist did a fabulous job and I cannot wait to get another tattoo done here in Uganda by him. 


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