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I Got a Cat.

Meet my sweet Luna Roe.

This weekend I went to Masaka to pick up my sweet kitty from another PCV. Her cat just happened to have kittens and she so graciously gave me Luna. So Friday evening I heading down to Masaka for the evening to stay with another PCV from my cohort and grab my kitty.

The second I saw Luna I fell in love. She was very shy at first and scared of my friends kitten. However she warmed right up to me and ended up sleeping with me that night.

So Saturday morning we woke up and embarked on the five out journey back to my site. Yup I traveled on public transportation with a very scared, whiny, and upset kitten. No joke she cried the entire way from Kampala to Lugazi which took 3 hours. She was quite happy to get home. So I traveled with her in a picnic basket with breathing holes and a closed top so she couldn't escape, which was good since she tried to escape several times.

Once we got home I created her temporary litter box, got her some milk and let her loose. She pr…

My Peace Corps Adventures in Cooking Part 2

Now if you read part one of my cooking adventures here in Uganda I am sure you are all worried about my eating habits, which isn’t probably entirely wrong. However, I do want to mention that I take vitamins every night to make up for the lack of nutrition in my diet. Anyway my real adventure here in Uganda has begun and I am actually experimenting with food. This past weekend I have cooked to dishes that I haven’t made before and it was quite the adventure. Basically my Top Ramen days are over. Okay not entirely over but other foods are also going to be cooked. However, from this point on it won’t be just Top Ramen, I will from now on add eggs and veggies. I am still figuring out how to get more protein, one step at a time I guess.                 Now let’s talk about what I have cooked the past two days. Saturday night I cooked creamy white sauce Alfredo with veggies. Now here is how you cook this delicious meal. First you melt some butter and sauté the veggies. The veggies you add…

Bucket List item 1: Tattoo

This weekend I was able to check off an item from my bucket list and that is getting a tattoo in Uganda. I have a friend who introduced me to a badass tattoo artist who made my random dream of getting a tattoo done here in Uganda. This tattoo symbolizes what I hope to be during my service here in Uganda with the Peace Corps.                 Muvumu means brave, which fits in perfectly with my With Brave Wings She WILL Fly blog theme. I am often put in situations where I need to be brave. Traveling on public transportation you have to be brave because traveling anywhere you aren’t used to can be scary. Meeting new people and building lasting relationships you have to be brave and remember that you can do this and they will like you. Teaching content that you aren’t used teaching to students who’s native language you barely know you have to be brave and remember that you were taught how to do this and you can do this. I am often put in uncomfortable situations that I have to be brave w…

My Peace Corps Adventures in Cooking Part 1

Let me start out by telling you that I do live a bit of the Posh Corps life when it comes to cooking. Not to mention I don’t cook a variety of food either. Now I happen to cook on a two burner gas stove, which isn’t very uncommon for PCVs in Uganda. However there are a handful of volunteers that choose not to spend the money on a gas stove because it is about 500k shillings for the burners and the gas tank. When you first move to site you get a settling in allowance, which is a good amount of money, but you have to decide what you need for your house to make it home. You need to decide if you want to buy a couch or chair, if you want a big bed or a small twin bed, if you want specific decorations or anything else for your house. I decided that my gas stove was important to me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to cook on a sigiri, which is a charcoal stove. I decided that I couldn't cook on a sigiri because I can’t light a match so I figured I wouldn’t be able to lig…