Uganda Bucket List

I have been at site for a little over two weeks. These past two weeks I have been trying to settle in and make my house a home. Which it is not totally there yet so I will post a blog about my house once it is more set up. Also these past two weeks I have been missing my cohort five family and dreaming about all of the activities we are going to do in the next two years here in Uganda. Obviously living in this beautiful country we have all thought of things that we want to do before closing our service. I have created a bucket list of all the things I want to do and see in Uganda. I plan to write a blog as I cross each item off of my list. You can click on the crossed off bucket list item to read about the adventure. 
I cannot wait to begin crossing items off of my list. However, I cannot begin quite yet. First we have to start school… Which just so happens to begin tomorrow. Wish us luck, our newest adventure is beginning.

Uganda Bucket List:
1.    Get a tattoo I now I have four. :)
3.    Go Bungee Jumping (added and completed)
4.     Visit 5 national parks: 1
5.     Go chimp trekking
6.     Go gorilla trekking
8.     Go on 5 hikes
10. Visit 31 bits
11. Go to Ndere Cultural Centre
12. Visit the Gadhafi Mosque
13. Hike Mount Elgon
14. Visit every region in Uganda that has a PCV
15. Rent a canoe at Lake Buyonyi
16. Visit Sipi Falls
17. Visit the Rhino Sanctuary
18. Go to crater lakes of Fort Portal
19. Go on a Nile Cruise
20. Balance a basket of fruit on my head. 


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