I am a Peace Corps Volunteer

It is still so unreal to say that I am a Peace Corps Volunteer. I am no longer a trainee, I am a full fledge volunteer. On Thursday January 19th we swore in at the US ambassadors house (which is incredibly beautiful) and officially began our two-year journey with the Peace Corps in Uganda. Swearing in was something of a dream. Once we arrived we hung out until the ceremony began. Once the ceremony began we sang the national anthems of Uganda and America, we listened to speeches, and watched people sing and dance. In between all of that we stood up and took two oaths, one for the United States and the other for the Peace Corps. We promised to protect the constitution, promised to serve along side the Ugandans in a partnership. We promised to teach just as much as we learn. We promised to share our Culture with the Ugandans and bring the Ugandan culture back to America. Once all of that was over we ate delicious food, took pictures, danced, and hang out with all of the guests, Peace Corps staff, and fellow volunteers. Our swearing in was filled with very bittersweet moments. The day had the sweetest moments because I was with my cohort 5 family celebrating our victory and getting through PST. The day had some bitter moments because the next day we were all going to be scattered around Uganda at our sites knowing we probably won’t see most of everyone until In Service Training in May. So, like any group of humans would we spent the day and night telling ourselves not to think about the goodbye but just to focus on what is in front of us and to party and have fun together while we can. Which we did, we celebrated so hard that night because we are officially Peace Corps Volunteers and we are now on our own in this incredible adventure.
I am sitting here today writing this on my bed in my bedroom in my very own house. The day after swearing in we packed everything up and moved to our villages. We are all for the most part separate from each other with our closest volunteer anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour away. It’s been emotional knowing that now we are on our own. That Friday after swearing in and I got everything in the house and my bed set up I began to cry because I was living completely alone for the first time in my life. I was also crying because I was officially living my dream. Living in the beautiful country of Uganda for two years what an exciting time. We’ve spent the past few days thinking, “Damn we live here!”
And now here I am two weeks later cooking, cleaning, and living completely on my own. I have some really hard days, I mean I am so used to always being surrounded by so many people and now that I’m not it’s hitting me being so alone. However, with the bad days always comes very good days. Cheers to the next two years living in this incredible village and teaching at this beautiful school, which starts on Monday! Ahh, I cannot believe schools starts so soon! Next Sunday I will post a blog about my first week of school.


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