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Living The Unexpected Peace Corps Life..

Saturday morning I went into Jinja to charge my electronics since the power had been out at my house for some days and we didn't know when it'd turn back on. Plus Jinja also has good muzungu food because it's a very western town. So win win there. Plus Jinja is close to Lugazi and Lugazi has no muzungu food. Well anyway... I went to a restaurant and got a wrap, which was delicious by the way. My friend and I sat and ate our food and just talked. Once we were finished eating we started to get ready to go to the Internet cafe to charge my things, grab some coffee, and get some work done. Well... I went to grab my backpack and it was fucking gone. So needless to say we didn't get coffee, charge any of my things (because they were gone), and we clearly didn't get work done. Now let me just say that neither my friend nor I got up from the table and my backpack was sitting in between the table and the wall RIGHT next to me. Basically the people who stole my shit were so…

First Week of School

I woke up Monday morning nervous, excited, unsure, but so ready to begin this crazy adventure in teaching at my new school. I woke up at 6:30 took my bucket bath, put on my Kitenge, and walked the 50 meters to school. School began with a parade. A parade is where all the students line up in their classes, they sing the Uganda National Anthem, hear announcements, and since I work at a Christian school they pray. Monday’s was a little different because they welcomed everyone back to school and introduced the new teachers, two others and me. The students were so excited to have me at the school, which made me become less nervous and more sure of my place here. The rest of the day I spent observing in the P4 class. I also met two beautiful students named Joshua and Hanifah who read with the entire lunchtime. Which was two hours today instead of one. It happens, so you make due and read with students. Hearing them read my Judy Moody book got me so excited about beginning teachin…

Uganda Bucket List

I have been at site for a little over two weeks. These past two weeks I have been trying to settle in and make my house a home. Which it is not totally there yet so I will post a blog about my house once it is more set up. Also these past two weeks I have been missing my cohort five family and dreaming about all of the activities we are going to do in the next two years here in Uganda. Obviously living in this beautiful country we have all thought of things that we want to do before closing our service. I have created a bucket list of all the things I want to do and see in Uganda. I plan to write a blog as I cross each item off of my list. You can click on the crossed off bucket list item to read about the adventure.  I cannot wait to begin crossing items off of my list. However, I cannot begin quite yet. First we have to start school… Which just so happens to begin tomorrow. Wish us luck, our newest adventure is beginning.
Uganda Bucket List: 1.    Get a tattooI now I have four. :) 2…

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer

It is still so unreal to say that I am a Peace Corps Volunteer. I am no longer a trainee, I am a full fledge volunteer. On Thursday January 19th we swore in at the US ambassadors house (which is incredibly beautiful) and officially began our two-year journey with the Peace Corps in Uganda. Swearing in was something of a dream. Once we arrived we hung out until the ceremony began. Once the ceremony began we sang the national anthems of Uganda and America, we listened to speeches, and watched people sing and dance. In between all of that we stood up and took two oaths, one for the United States and the other for the Peace Corps. We promised to protect the constitution, promised to serve along side the Ugandans in a partnership. We promised to teach just as much as we learn. We promised to share our Culture with the Ugandans and bring the Ugandan culture back to America. Once all of that was over we ate delicious food, took pictures, danced, and hang out with all of the guests, Peace Co…