Here is What's Next

            For the past three weeks we have been in Language Training learning the language that we will be speaking for the next two years. My language is Luganda, and on Friday I took my Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) and with that language training is officially over. To hear more about the LPI, read my Cohort’s group blog; Yesterday we had a farewell celebration for our host families. My group danced the Kiganda (a local dance), the Macarena, did some skits, and gave a lot of speeches. We made a fool of ourselves by doing the Kiganda but our families LOVED it, which makes it all worth it. Today we say goodbye to our families and we move onto the next phase Supervisors workshop, and than on Thursday we swear in and become official volunteers.

            These past three weeks have been grueling.  We have put in a lot of work on learning the language. We have studied, hung out, and spent time with our incredible host families. But all of the stress has paid off because I passed my LPI! What can you believe it. So these past three weeks have been pretty stressful and the next three months are going to be even more stressful and grueling because we are about to move to our sites for the first time in two months we are going to be completely alone not around any Americans. I know that this is going to be a rough time but I am excited to begin this next part of my Peace Corps journey.  I am so excited to set up my house make it my home. I am so ready to cook for myself and just get to know my village. I can’t wait to share with you all more about my school, my village, and my new job.


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