2017… Here’s to 365 new opportunities for adventures.

    I have spent New Year’s Eve in Uganda before, but this year was different. It was in a new place with new friends. Now to say New Year’s Eve was a blast is honestly an understatement. It was a good time all around. We were able to spend the night at a near by hotel, that was incredible. We slept hostile style, staying four to a room with bunk beds for us to each sleep on. The hotel was incredible and allowed us to have an amazing time. We swam, we played games, and we ate good food. We even got to experience a rap battle between two of our group members. Which was probably one of the best moments from the night. Our night was wild and fun and just what we needed, time with out thinking about language learning and the LPI that is coming up next week. New Years day was even perfection. We woke up ordered food and hung out by the pool until heading back to our host families. The day was chill and with all the language training we’ve been doing we needed that break.
            Holidays have been hard, so far we have had three holidays since being in the Peace Corps and I always spend part of those days missing my family and friends back home wishing we could be together. However, I had my language group to help me forget about how much I missed my family. You know how people say friends are the family you choose? Well, these friends, my language group, and also the rest of my cohort have certainly become like family, I just didn’t choose them. Peace corps chose them for me and I couldn’t have been happier that they did. These holidays would have been much more unbearable without them by my side making me laugh and forget all my sadness.

            This is where I am now, about sixteen days away from officially swearing in and becoming a Peace Corps volunteer, about a week away from my LPI, and already three days into the New Year. This Peace Corps adventure is going faster than I could have ever imagined yet it is just beginning. I have made it threw the holiday season and now I am ready to crush my LPI swear in and begin teaching. Here’s to all the adventures and opportunities that 2017 bring me and each of you. Embrace adventure and be brave I promise you won’t regret it, I haven’t.



  1. Chanty,
    Hi. I am also a California and have just received an invitation to serve in Uganda, departing November 2nd. Would love to connect with volunteers who are in Uganda. If possible, I'd love to connect with an older volunteer if you know any serving; I am 53. Let me know if you'd be interested in answering some questions or sharing your experience, or have others whom I might connect with. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Susie from Northern Cal

    1. Hi! We'll be in the same sector! I'm looking forward to meeting you!! And we have an older volunteer in the education sector here that I'm sure I could connect you with. And you are most welcome to ask me any question. I absolutely love asnswering questions about my service and about Uganda.


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