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Here is What's Next

For the past three weeks we have been in Language Training learning the language that we will be speaking for the next two years. My language is Luganda, and on Friday I took my Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) and with that language training is officially over. To hear more about the LPI, read my Cohort’s group blog; Yesterday we had a farewell celebration for our host families. My group danced the Kiganda (a local dance), the Macarena, did some skits, and gave a lot of speeches. We made a fool of ourselves by doing the Kiganda but our families LOVED it, which makes it all worth it. Today we say goodbye to our families and we move onto the next phase Supervisors workshop, and than on Thursday we swear in and become official volunteers.

A Letter to My Host Family.


A Day in the Life.

Recently I have been asked what I do on a daily basis. I have been asked this not only by my friends and family but also my language trainers, being required to respond in Luganda. Which, by now has become routine. So here is my daily routine… In English of course. Most mornings I am awoken by the sounds of roosters crowing at 3am. The roosters will crow for about 10-20 minutes. Shortly after they stop I fall back to sleep, and I am awaken by a loud crying dog, that I didn’t even know my family had, nor have I ever seen a dog in our yard, but my lanta, it’s there and it whines for several hours in the morning. Finally my alarm goes off at 6 and I get out of bed at seven after several snoozes. Once I am up I take a quick bath since I bathed right before bed. Plus I am usually very cold in the morning and with the water cold you don’t want to take a long shower. Side note I have finally got good at bucket bathing, yes it’s just how it sounds. The only thing about bucket bathing I haven’…