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Holiday Season as a Plus Size Person

Holiday season can be hard on anyone; however Holiday Season for a Plus Size person can be difficult because you not only have to worry about the cost of it all, but also all the Holiday food. Let me tell you I am struggling. In the past year I have lost about 70 or so pounds and thinking about the holiday season and all the food I am going to be consuming I am terrified I am going to gain back some weight and that scares me. However, why the hell should it scare me? Why is it the end of the world if I gain back a few pounds after I have lost so much? I mean I know fit in to one size leggings and a medium skirt. I never thought that would happen. I always dreamed it would happen but I never thought it really would.                 Here I am coming up to Holiday Season terrified of gaining weight. I am not even thinking about the Holiday itself and what it means. I am just worried about what all the food is going to do to my body. Therefore, I am thinking about all th…

It has Been an Entire Year!

I have officially lived away from how for the longest time ever. That’s right I have officially lived in Uganda for an entire year.  It’s really hard to believe that it’s been that long, especially since living in Uganda has been my dream for the past five years and it is finally my reality, and has been my reality for the past year. I still have about fifteen months left of this crazy adventure and I am the most excited to see what is to come. I still have so much country to see, people to meet, and adventures to have. Here I am going to recount some of my favorite adventures, lessons learned, and adventures I still hope to have.                 First I want to apologize for not blogging more. I knew I was going to drop off and not blog as much as I had originally hoped. I just honestly had hoped that I wouldn’t but let’s face it life gets busy and lesson plans happen and blogging is forgotten about. However, I am going to set a goal for year one to start blogging more. It will pro…

Here is to Term 3

It has been a while since I have really updated you all about my life here in Uganda. We have officially started term 3. Term 3 is going to be quite a busy one and honestly I am so excited about all that. My theatre program is up and running we will start officially rehearsing for our play in about two weeks and it’s incredible. This term I am continuing my whole class instruction for P2-P4. Plus library classes for all grades. I am excited about this because I plan to build a book report project with my older kids to get them more excited about reading. I am also going to continue my one hour of open library time during lunch so that kids have more options of things that they can do other than just playing outside. I know that not all kids enjoy playing outside all the time and that sometimes they’d rather hang out and read. On top of all of that I plan to continue my boys and girls group. We are starting the term off with working on five paragraph essays and pen pal…

Bucket List Item: Nyege Nyege

Nyege Nyege is a huge ass music festival that Uganda puts on every September. It’s almost like Coachella, but so so much better. I mean I don’t actually know because I have never been to Coachella so I am just assuming. Most people camp out at the festival and music is playing no joke the entire time 24/7, this way you can dance until you can’t no more. This year was let ything me tell you interesting. It rained pretty much the entire time and the venue was insanely muddy so you spent the entire week with muddy feet, muddy shoes, and if you fell muddy everything. Not only is there good music but there is good food as well. They had some of the best “food trucks” in Uganda. You good eat anything from hot dogs, to sushi, to jerk chicken, to burgers, to ice cream. Anything you could possibly as for. Okay not anything, but there were tacos. People from all over the world come to Uganda specifically for this festival. This was one of the items on my bucket list because almost all of the PC…

Yet Another Fresh Start

Term 2 just ended, that means that I have officially taught two terms in Uganda and have one term left before completing a full year of teaching. This term was full of ups and downs, doubts and successes, joyfulness and sadness, and so much more. There were new classes, new clubs, a training gone to, and adventures had. This term I learned a lot and I grew so much.

In terms of school this term we started after school library classes with each class that we will also continued next term. For my older classes we are going to be reading through chapter books, answering questions about the book and doing a small book report.  With my younger classes I will read them a short story, work on phonics and have them find their letter sound in their books that they will then read on their own. For each of the classes during library time we will also work on some spelling bee practices to prepare for our school wide spelling bee in the middle of term three. I also started library reading time du…

How in the World am I 25?

This past weekend I just turned a quarter of a century old. I honestly don't understand how that is possible. I feel like I turned 16 just yesterday. Yet here I am 25, finally able to rent a car, at a point where my car insurance can go down, as well as being an official adult in my eyes.

Man I have been asking myself what do I have to show for being 25? I don't have a career, I have massive student loan debt, I just barely graduated from college, and I am working as a volunteer. Than I remembered, that I am living out my dream. I may not be in a career but I am doing a job that I absolutely love. I may have massive student loan debt but I am in Uganda living the life I have always dreamed of. I may not be making very much money but I sure as hell can live comfortably in this beautiful country that I call home.

I got to spend my third birthday in Uganda but my first one actually living in this country. One of my fears heading to new places is celebrating a birthday alone espe…

Going Back to Toggo Again

I had the pleasure of heading back to my beautiful village of Toggo a few weeks ago which was such a huge blessing to my heart and my soul. Not only did I see some of my closest friends who live in Uganda and my Ugandan family, I was also able to see some dear friends from back home. Boy, I have missed people from home and I didn't realize how much until I saw some of my people.

The weekend was filled with soul reviving conversations, spending time with dear ones, and falling in love with Toggo all over again. I was able to help at a medical clinic, attend a crusade, and go to a church that I have missed dearly.

Now, I can't tell you that this weekend was easy. Seeing people from home was incredible but it made me miss my family and my best friends that I didn't get to see more than I already do. And leaving my friends and family broke my heart and made me feel like I left home again. However, it was completely worth to have that little bit of home here for a weekend to c…

Sick Sick Sick

Over the past few months I have been battling all sorts of sickness.  I feel like I had GI issues every other week which came equipped with stomach pain and the like. I had really bad insomnia, where I kid you not I slept a  total of three hours each night going to bed at almost 3 or 4 am every day. And on top of all that I was dealing with the worst headaches of my life. When they got to be the very worst I was in so much pain I could barely stand up and don’t even get me started on how much light affected my headaches, which is hard when the sun is almost always so bright. I would do my best to push through and be at work and teach as best I can, but honestly my health really got to me some days and I had to reluctantly stay in bed and rest all day. My school was very supportive and caring about getting me healthy.  My anxiety gets the best of me and tells me I am not doing nearly enough and some of my classes have had to be put on the backburner so I could take car…