Thanksgiving Poem

Homesick, Nostalgic, Lonely
Thinking about the last Thanksgiving I had at home.
Longing to be back with my family just for the day,
Laughing, chatting, and dreaming about heading to Disneyland the very next day.
Instead I am here, in Uganda away from my sweet family.
Feelings were extremely low due to missing my family.
Excited, Loved and Comfortable
Being around my Cohort 5 family forgetting the felling of homesickness.
Realizing that I am not alone but surrounding by beautiful humans.
It was the first holiday away from my family to be with my new one.
Good food, good music, good company
Games played, pictures taken, laughs shared, drinks devoured
Successful Thanksgiving?
I’d say so.
Still miss my family but it’s okay.
These humans are becoming my people, and I am living my dream.
Thanks for reading my Thanksgiving Poem!

Goodbye for now,

XOXO Chantelle


  1. Loved your poem! Sad can turn into happy in and instant, with the right ingredients!


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