Site Placement

“Nsonyiwa, njiga Luganda.” (Forgive me, I’m learning Luganda.) This is the sentence I am going to be saying for the next two years to excuse my poor language skills. I have officially begun language training because on Friday we received our sites. I officially know where I am going to be living for the next two years. I officially have a home. That home is in Central Uganda at a boarding school where I am going to be teaching literacy and I could not be more excited.
            Starting on January 20th “Nsomesa luzungu in Uganda”.  (I teach English) It is so good to finally know where I am going to be spending the next two years of my life. This was truly a dream come true. I wanted nothing more than to be in central learning Luganda. There were many reasons to that but mainly because I am about 3 hours from Toggo so I can make weekend trips when I have the time. I cannot wait to see my kiddos and my beautiful family. I also cannot wait to show off my new Luganda skills. The language training is coming in hot. We have only been training for about two days and I already feel like I know so much. Which is good. I still have room for improvement and I won’t be fluent anytime soon.
I am getting so anxious to finally be in my own home. I get to visit my site this weekend and than will be moving into my homestay starting on December 22nd and will be there for about a month and than we swear in on January 19th! Things are moving quickly here with the Peace Corps and I barely have time to stop and breath but honestly that has been so good. Being busy and missing home is the perfect mix, because you don’t have time to stop and think about your missing home.
So here we are coming to our last week living all together. My cohort has become my family and I couldn’t have gotten this far with out them. We are moving on to the next phase of our adventure. I still have the blessing of being with nine of my cohort 5 family when I move into my homestay since we will be doing language training together but it is going to be weird not being around the other 25, but staging weekend will be such a beautiful reunion when we all come together again.
Ndi kubanga Tuli, (I am because we are). In the last month I have changed and I am who I am because of this adventure. I can’t wait to continue to live out this adventure and find myself even more.  I am muzira, (brave). And it’s because of all Uganda and the Peace Corps has taught me so far.

Njagala, Uganda.

I love you, Uganda.


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