Future Site Visit.

Osiibi Otyanno? (How did you spend the day?)

This Sunday I was able visit my Future Site for three days, which is my future home for the next two years. On Sunday we woke up early to leave Shimoni by 6:30 so we could be dropped off at our supervisors’ hotel. Naturally we didn’t leave until almost 7. We were all excited and anxious to get to our sites to see the place we were going to call home. None of us really new what to expect and we were going through so man emotions thinking about leaving our cohort and going into something so unknown. So there I was waiting at the hotel for my supervisor to take me home. We pile into her car, with another Peace Corps Trainee who lives about a thirty-minute drive from my site. We dropped her and her supervisor off first and then headed to my new school. We turned onto the dirt rode that led us to our school, as we drove I kept wondering which school was ours. We kept driving, and driving, and driving. Soon realized just how rural I was about to be living and I was also struck by the beauty that I was surrounded by. Thirty minutes later we arrived at my new home. The campus is just as incredibly gorgeous as the drive up was. I got out of the car and realized… I’m home. For the next three days I would be staying at the house with my supervisor. As the night went on I became very overwhelmed, I was meeting so many people some who barely spoke to me, some who didn’t speak to me at all, I missed my cohort, and when I could escape I moved to the room I was staying in and cried. I reached out to my sweet friends who were going through the same things as I was. They were there and shortly calmed me down and made me realized that the people I am meeting are just as nervous as I am, which is why they aren’t talking as much. I don’t want you to think that because I cried means that anything was wrong. It truly was just an overwhelming day with weekend with all of the changes that happened. However, the days did get easier as I continued my site visit. We toured the school, saw my house, walked around the village, visited the police, the district, and the local council, as well as going to the markets so I could see where I would be doing my food shopping. I met my three counterparts, Emanuel 1, Emanuel 2, and Margaret. These sweet humans are all humans who are going to be a great support system to get me through the good and the bad of the next two years. I am seriously incredibly excited about the incredible fit that I have with my school, my supervisor, and my counterparts. They took great care of me the three days of my site visit and I know it’s going to be a great two years. I know that these two years are going to be some of the most challenge of my life, but I also know that they are going to be some of most rewarding as well. I know that as times get tough I have the best support system a girl could ask for in country and back home.

            Yesterday morning we left our future sites to travel to our language training, which is also our homestay. The Luganda group traveled to Masaka. Two of us live so close to Masaka that it took them about forty-five minutes to get to the Satellite Venue. The other six of us traveled to Kampala first. Where we waiting around for all six of us to arrive and then traveled together to Masaka, which was about a three hour, taxi ride. Now we are in Masaka with our sweet homestay families learning Luganda. I will blog specifically about Language training and homestay later.


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