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Ssekukulu Eyesanyu (Merry Christmas)

This Christmas was an interesting one. I have spent the past three days very sick. The only real relief I felt was lying in bed. Eating just caused me a tremendous amount of pain, however despite all this I was surrounded by an amazing Ugandan family who took such good care of me, made sure I at least ate something little and rested so I would be back to new as soon as possible. Being sick as been really hard on me because I have spent most of my time in my room so I could rest. Spending time in my room has meant that I have been away from my host family and I know that I am just being paranoid that they totally understand that I am sick and just need to rest but it’s still hard. I want to be present, I want to be spending time with the family but being sick I have had to rest, in order for me to be back to normal and no longer sick. But, I have a huge case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and I feel like I am missing out majorly. But I go back to the reminder of self-care I need to care …

Future Site Visit.

Osiibi Otyanno? (How did you spend the day?)

This Sunday I was able visit my Future Site for three days, which is my future home for the next two years. On Sunday we woke up early to leave Shimoni by 6:30 so we could be dropped off at our supervisors’ hotel. Naturally we didn’t leave until almost 7. We were all excited and anxious to get to our sites to see the place we were going to call home. None of us really new what to expect and we were going through so man emotions thinking about leaving our cohort and going into something so unknown. So there I was waiting at the hotel for my supervisor to take me home. We pile into her car, with another Peace Corps Trainee who lives about a thirty-minute drive from my site. We dropped her and her supervisor off first and then headed to my new school. We turned onto the dirt rode that led us to our school, as we drove I kept wondering which school was ours. We kept driving, and driving, and driving. Soon realized just how rural I was about to…

Week Two: School Based Training

*Sorry long post*
Nze Chantelle. Nva California, kumpi ne Sacramento. Kati mbeera Central Uganda. Ndi musamasa, nsomesa abana. 
One of the three Peace Corps goals is to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans. With that, I will do my best to incorporate Luganda into each of my posts. 
For my English speaking friends: My name is Chantelle. I am from California, near Sacramento. I now stay in Central Uganda. I am a teacher, I teach children.              As part of our Peace Corps Education sector training, we have been participating in an intensive school based training (SBT) for the past two weeks. This afternoon we completed SBT and are now preparing to move onto our homestays, where will concentrate on language training. On the way, I will also and visit my future site. 
Through it all, I have had of a lot of mixed emotions. Saying goodbye to my P4 kiddos was really hard. And yes, I realize that if it was hard for me to leave these kids after only kno…

Site Placement

“Nsonyiwa, njiga Luganda.” (Forgive me, I’m learning Luganda.) This is the sentence I am going to be saying for the next two years to excuse my poor language skills. I have officially begun language training because on Friday we received our sites. I officially know where I am going to be living for the next two years. I officially have a home. That home is in Central Uganda at a boarding school where I am going to be teaching literacy and I could not be more excited. Starting on January 20th “Nsomesa luzungu in Uganda”.(I teach English) It is so good to finally know where I am going to be spending the next two years of my life. This was truly a dream come true. I wanted nothing more than to be in central learning Luganda. There were many reasons to that but mainly because I am about 3 hours from Toggo so I can make weekend trips when I have the time. I cannot wait to see my kiddos and my beautiful family. I also cannot wait to show off my new Luganda skills. The language training is…