Peace Corps Step One: Staging

         Nerves, fear, anxiety, skepticism. Those are all the things that I was feeling the night before leaving to staging. That night I had gotten a voicemail at 11:30pm saying my flight for the following morning was canceled. Obviously I began to panic and freak out. What in the world was I supposed to do. Luckily I continued to listen and after about two minutes the automated message they had told me they booked me on a later flight! Um, could you have lead with that?! So I departed for D.C at 8am. I was on my way to our staging event that is a quick intensive orientation into the Peace Corps. Since I was booked on a later flight and I had trouble getting an Uber I missed registration. Don't worry the Peace Corps is very flexible and I registered in the morning.

         For the past two days we have spent our time preparing for this next adventure. We have learned what is expected of us, tools in order to meet the expectations, and how to stay safe. We have learned that we are a Let Girls Learn country, which means that we have funds allotted to us that will allow us to do projects that focus on building up the women. We have learned how to navigate through different cultural situations that we might encounter. We have also bonded as a cohort, group of new friends, and a family. Honestly the second I started talking to people I became more comfortable, more at peace, and more excited then ever for this incredible journey we are all about to embark on. It is truly about to be the adventure of a life time. 

         Excitement, Peace, comfort, and bravery. This is how I feel now, the night before our plane takes off to Uganda. My dream is finally coming true, I get to live in Uganda for the next 27 months. I can barely form words explaining my complete emotions. My head is spinning with everything and I'm so excited about finally being on our way to our country of service. Thank you for joining me on this adventure of mine. Thank you for following along as I take this leap. 

         Please meet my amazing Peace Corps Cohort. My new family that I get to spend the next 27 months doing life and adventuring with.

Goodbye for now,
XOXO Chantelle


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