Learning to Selfcare.

Sunday is for selfcare. At least this week it is. Today we had our first full day off and we got to do whatever we want. Some of us went into Mukono, some of us played volleyball and soccer, some of us read, some of us watched shows or movies, some of us took naps and some of us had mini spa days. Today I watched Gilmore Girls, napped, had a mini spa day, and am about to read a little bit. Selfcare has always been hard for me. I don't like to take time for myself, I'd rather be around people. But with PST I am always around people which is GREAT but this introverted extrovert needed time alone. Now, I'm refreshed and excited for the week ahead. Tomorrow we're going on a field trip into Jinja to visit a couple schools. Then Thursday is my first Thanksgiving away from home. Friday we are watching the Gilmore Girls Revival and boy did I get so excited. I didn't think I'd get to watch it! And Sunday is our self guided tour into Kampala which I'm excited for. We're going to the mall, the movies, and Mexican food! So basically I have a lot to look forward to this week! It's gonna be a BLAST! 

The Peace Corps so far is been crazy, exhilarating, anxiety inducing, exciting, and best adventure of my life so far. We are learning all things teaching and Peace Corps. We are still waiting for our placement for the next two years, and getting ready for practice teaching. Which is making me anxious. But in the middle of all that we are having a world of fun. Last night we had a Cohort Talent show where my friend Isa and I did a dramatic reading of the book Chester. So many people in my cohort are soooo talented! We had spoken word, hilarious jokes, magic tricks, learning to tie a tie, poem reading, songs sung, and scenes performed! I laughed so hard I cried. We seriously had so much fun. My cohort is pretty amazing and I love getting to know them so much. 

I am still relishing in the fact that I live in Uganda. It honestly still seems so surreal. I'm more than thrilled about this amazing adventure and I'm so blessed y'all are a part of it. Thanks for reading and checking up on my life! 


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