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Learning to Selfcare.

Sunday is for selfcare. At least this week it is. Today we had our first full day off and we got to do whatever we want. Some of us went into Mukono, some of us played volleyball and soccer, some of us read, some of us watched shows or movies, some of us took naps and some of us had mini spa days. Today I watched Gilmore Girls, napped, had a mini spa day, and am about to read a little bit. Selfcare has always been hard for me. I don't like to take time for myself, I'd rather be around people. But with PST I am always around people which is GREAT but this introverted extrovert needed time alone. Now, I'm refreshed and excited for the week ahead. Tomorrow we're going on a field trip into Jinja to visit a couple schools. Then Thursday is my first Thanksgiving away from home. Friday we are watching the Gilmore Girls Revival and boy did I get so excited. I didn't think I'd get to watch it! And Sunday is our self guided tour into Kampala which I'm excited for. We…

PST Week 1.

*Warning long post ahead*
What a whirlwind 12 days it has been since this journey has began. We have stared our pre service training (PST). We start every morning at 8am and end at 6pm each day. We are learning classroom practices, cultural awareness, security, health, and survival skills. Survival skills include using and cleaning a pit latrine, cooking with a charcoal stove, and hand washing laundry (which I was a pro at). I have honestly learned so much and I'm feeling much more prepared. Don't get me wrong I still have so much more to learn. We've only been training for a week. I also still have many anxieties, and I've already experienced bad days. Nonetheless I'm here and every moment has been well worth it. Except for when I fell and scraped my knee, leg and foot, that wasn't worth it, just very painful.

Not only have we been learning in a classroom setting but we've been learning and getting to know each other. There are 34 PCTs that have become li…

Peace Corps Step One: Staging

Nerves, fear, anxiety, skepticism. Those are all the things that I was feeling the night before leaving to staging. That night I had gotten a voicemail at 11:30pm saying my flight for the following morning was canceled. Obviously I began to panic and freak out. What in the world was I supposed to do. Luckily I continued to listen and after about two minutes the automated message they had told me they booked me on a later flight! Um, could you have lead with that?! So I departed for D.C at 8am. I was on my way to our staging event that is a quick intensive orientation into the Peace Corps. Since I was booked on a later flight and I had trouble getting an Uber I missed registration. Don't worry the Peace Corps is very flexible and I registered in the morning.

 For the past two days we have spent our time preparing for this next adventure. We have learned what is expected of us, tools in order to meet the expectations, and how to stay safe. We have learned that we are a Let …

Are you Ready?

Are you ready?
I honestly think I have been asked this questions in the past two weeks five times... A day. So I figured its the perfect topic for a blog post. As you can imagine there is a lot going through my mind right now. So many emotions I can't fully process them all, which if I am honest I'm not at a point to be ready to process them. So I am doing my best to process them all. 
         To be real, it's weird to think that in so few days I'm going to be on a plane heading toward this new adventure, my next season in life. Although, every time I think about it, REALLY think about it, I'm on the verge of tears trying to process everything that is happening, trying to wrap my head around the overwhelming feelings of nerves, excitement, fear, and the beginning of sorrow thinking about all the people I'm going to miss. 
         So let's get back to the question at hand. Am I ready? Probably not. I mean I am so jazzed about this journey. I can't wait to…