Father Daughter Seattle Trip.

Goodbye California -------> Hello Seattle.

         This past weekend I headed to Seattle for a trip with my pops. This trip was truly amazing. The weekend was not nearly long enough, but was such a blessing to just spend time with my dad exploring a city we quickly fell in love with. So quick note, we left Sacramento at 2:45 and got into Seattle at 4:45 and left Seattle at 4:45 and got into Sacramento at 6:45 so we only had about three days. So the weekend was jammed backed. If any of you want to travel to Seattle I suggest at least five full days. There is honestly so much to do. 

So here is our adventure... Hopefully it helps you plan your trip to Seattle. 
         Like I said earlier we got to Seattle at about 4:45, we flew from Sacramento on Alaskan airlines. It was about a two hour flight. Alaskan Airlines was a good airline that I would suggest to anyone. And each way costed about 100 dollars so about 200 dollars round trip. Once we arrived to Seattle we checked into our hotel and went to dinner. We stayed at the Holiday Inn near the airport which was nice. It had free breakfast in the morning till noon, beds were comfortable, the hotel was overall really nice. For dinner we went to Bizzarro Italian Cafe. This restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dive and boy did it live up to the hype. It was so good! Dad and I both liked our meals and was tremendously satisfied. The restaurant was more on the expensive side but I still highly recommend eating there! Atmosphere was amazing, everyone was so nice, the food wait wasn't bad, and the decorations were amazing. The only bad part was the wait to get a seat was about an hour, but it was a Friday night in Downtown Seattle so it wasn't surprising, but it was okay because we ended up walking around Downtown Seattle and it was fun. After dinner we walked over to Molly Moos Ice cream which was so good. Absolutely another most go to!

Take a look at some pictures of our first night in Seattle...

         On Saturday we woke up at 5am to go to the original Starbucks because you have to go to the original Starbucks and we got up that early because we were told the lines get really long... We got our coffee in five minutes. However, it was really funny to get up that early get coffee and then we had a lot of time to spend at market place before we went to our tour of Century Link Stadium. Before we walked around Market Place, because it was seven in the morning and nothing was open we went to breakfast at Bacco Bistro near Market Place which was so good, reasonably priced and had a wide variety of options to choose from to eat. After breakfast we walked around Market Place which a heads up most of the shops don't open till 10 or 11. Market Place is a must and it gets crowded on Saturdays. I wouldn't head down there till about 9:30 or 10 because nothing is really open until then. While we were waiting for things to open we went to the Gum Wall and took pictures, which took like twenty minutes in order for me to get a solid picture. I figured out that I don't blow bubbles well. After the gum wall most of the shops were open so we walked around. There is so much to do and so much to see that we didn't get to everything. Down the way from Market Place is the Pier which we didn't even get to see because we had to get to our Stadium tour. I highly suggest spending a full day down their in order to see everything. At 11 we headed back to our car to go for our tour. Which I lost my ticket for so I didn't go on the tour, but I got to walk around and read Queen of Katwe while I waited and my dad had a blast and the stadium is beautiful so I suggest going on a tour of the stadium if you are into football. After the Stadium tour we went to lunch at Pyramid Ale House. Food was really good, drinks were good, and the vibes were good. We highly recommend this place. After lunch we went to the hotel to change and then went to the Space Needle. I was so excited about this because it was going to be so gorgeous because it was dark and I love the city all lit up. I would suggest getting the day pass for the space needle so you can see the view and night and during the day. We just went at night which was worth it but it would have been cool to see it the day of. After that we went to a Sport Bar near the Space Needle for dinner and it was alright. I wouldn't suggest it but I would stop someone from eating there. 
Take a look at some pictures of our Saturday adventure...


         GAME DAY! Sunday we took the train to the Seahawks game. We got to the stadium at 10 because they have this Tailgating event that is free to anyone even if you don't have a game ticket. At this even there is live music, free face paintings, activities, and lots of free stuff. It was a blast! After this we went to the game. Seahawks games are unreal! So loud, so fun, no one sits down, and everyone is so kind to everyone even the 9er fans. I would seriously suggest going to a Seahawks game in Seattle at least once! Be ready for noise, fun, and lots of standing. I got into the game and became a Seahawks fan for a day and I was so glad that I did! We pretty much spent all of Sunday at the game which was perfect. After the game we went to a BBQ place near our hotel called Sharps Roast House. It was good. Not a total must go but an option if your near it and hungry. 

Here is our Sunday in pictures...

         So Monday was our last day in Seattle, we checked out of our hotel at 8:30 after eating breakfast. We went Geo Caching which was something my dad wanted to do. After that we got coffee and than went to the Pacific Science Center. That was so cool. It's similar to the Exploratorium in San Fran. We only were able to go for about two and a half hours we honestly could have spent the most of the day there. They had a lot of cool things dad and I had so much fun. After that we went to the airport and flew home. We flew Delta and the fight was nice it was a comfort plane and it was so nice. We got home at about 6:45 on Monday and that ended our great weekend in Seattle. 
Here is our Monday Funday...



         Honestly this was the one of the best weekends. I am so in love with Seattle I can't wait to go back. 

Some travel tips: when flying be sure to wear comfortable shoes you can slip off easily, clothes that you can sit in and a sweater incase the plane gets cold. I am always cold on planes. I suggest wearing a t-shirt incase the plane is hot.  Bring comfortable shoes to walk around in Seattle, you will walk around a lot. Also be sure to have a jacket in case it rains, it didn't rain while we were their but it was supposed to and I wouldn't have had a jacket. I also highly suggest going for at least five days because there was so much we didn't get to do that I wish we had done. I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Seattle. I can't wait to go back if you have suggestions for where we should go next time let me know. I'd love to hear any suggestions. 
Seattle was a complete dream I hope you all get to experience one day.
         Now I know I didn't talk this week about my upcoming Peace Corps journey but in away I am still showing you how I am preparing. I am trying to make memories while preparing to leave. It's getting harder and harder to think about leaving my family and this weekend was the perfect last trip for just my dad and I before I leave. I am praying for more sweet weekend like this with the people I love before my big move. 

Goodbye for now,
XOXO Chantelle


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