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Father Daughter Seattle Trip.

Goodbye California -------> Hello Seattle.

This past weekend I headed to Seattle for a trip with my pops. This trip was truly amazing. The weekend was not nearly long enough, but was such a blessing to just spend time with my dad exploring a city we quickly fell in love with. So quick note, we left Sacramento at 2:45 and got into Seattle at 4:45 and left Seattle at 4:45 and got into Sacramento at 6:45 so we only had about three days. So the weekend was jammed backed. If any of you want to travel to Seattle I suggest at least five full days. There is honestly so much to do. 
So here is our adventure... Hopefully it helps you plan your trip to Seattle. Friday: 
Like I said earlier we got to Seattle at about 4:45, we flew from Sacramento on Alaskan airlines. It was about a two hour flight. Alaskan Airlines was a good airline that I would suggest to anyone. And each way costed about 100 dollars so about 200 dollars round trip. Once we arrived to Seattle we checked into our hotel and went …

It's Okay to be Scared.

"It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new."
My blogging is all about being real and being open about my life. Something that is a huge struggle of mine is keeping my room, bathroom, and car clean. Quite frankly I am a mess and I am trying to work on it. So today as I was cleaning my room, I started going through all the things in my room getting rid of the things I no longer need and preparing to purge for Uganda. I immediately got emotional. So as I was sitting on my floor thinking about all the change that is coming in the next month and a half, I began to cry.  "Quite frankly I'm a mess."I don't even completely know why I was crying. I guess because in fifty one days I am moving across the world away from my friends and family, away from everything I know, and away from my community and support system. I guess that is means enough to begin crying. I began to remind myself of all the reasons why I am doing this. I am moving because Jes…

Your Struggles Don't Define You.

Don't let your struggles define you...
        Time for some major truth about myself. On a daily basis I struggle. I battle with anxiety and depression. I don't feel like I am good enough for my job, my friendships, and this new adventure I am about to be on for the next two years. I am a massive people pleaser which means I question my actions on a daily basis and will dwell on my mistakes for days. I want to be a light to others, and make them happy, which often turns into a battle with myself and whether or not I can actually be a light. I'm far too needy for my own good. And I doubt whether or not I will ever not be single. These are the things that I battle with daily. The thoughts that run through my head on a regular basis, these are my mountains. And I plan to climb these mountains with my hands wide open, and holding on to nothing. 
"I will climb these mountains with my hands wide open."
         Lucky for me this isn't who I am. Most of these things a…

The Hardest Part Thus Far.

The Best Views Come After the Hardest Climb...
I have been told that the hardest part about joining the Peace Corps is getting medically cleared. And if you ask me, it has been so far. I have had to go in and out of doctor's appointments and dentists appointments. I have had to get lab work done, lots of lab work. So much lab work that when I went into the lab to get it all done the guy looked at all my slips and said, "Oh my gosh what do they think is wrong with you?" And I just said, "I'm joining the Peace Corps, and they need to ensure I am healthy." He didn't have anything else to say after that. I also had to get some shots. Which was a huge ordeal because I am up to date on all my shots but the Peace Corps needed a few more and basically Kaiser didn't wanna give them to me when I made my appointment so I had to go somewhere else. Now after getting all of this done I STILL HAD MORE TO DO! It honestly became this endless circle of turning things …