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An Accidental Life of Discontentment.

Why am I discontent?  

         I got my hair done yesterday, because I was going crazy and needed something new. I know what you are thinking, what does that have to do about anything? Well getting my hair cut, brought me to think about how much I have changed my hair recently. Five times in the past five months to be exact. Four of which were in a months time. As I continued to ponder on this I started to think about why I was changing my hair so much and I realized that it's because I am discontent with my life and I needed to change something and the easiest thing for me to change is my hair. This got me thinking about why I am so discontent with my life. Which is what I really want to touch on with today's blog post.
"Discontentment: the act of not being satisfied. in my case it refers to being unsatisfied with life... But why?"         Why am I living a life of discontentment? Why do I always want what I don't have? Why do we all live a life of discontentment…