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37 days.

37 Days till the rest of my life

 In 37 days I am going to officially be done with my undergrad. I am going to have two bachelor degrees. In 37 days I do not have to go to school ever again. I can do whatever I want to do and I can live wherever I want to live. I mean honestly the world is my oyster. In 37 days I will have no more 8am classes, no more finals, no more papers, and no more presentations. In 37 days I will be DONE! 

           To say that I am excited it a huge understatement. I am beyond excited... Let me just soak all of this in for a minute...

          Okay I am done soaking. Behind all the excitement there is a bit of fear. With all the options I have now what if I make the wrong decision. What if my schooling was all for nothing. My biggest fear and the number one thought that keeps running in my head is who am I without school? Let me just paint this picture, I am have been going to school for the past nineteen years, since I was four years old. Going to school is al…