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12 days.

12 day count down?

        Instead of counting down I am counting up. It has been 12 days since I graduated college. 12 days since I took my very last final. 12 days since I have enter this new chapter of my life. 12 days since I enter life and forced into adulthood. I am still in shock over the fact that I get to tell people that I am done with college. There are also so many emotions that go along with graduation: fear, excitement, loneliness, and thankfulness.
         "Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength- Brigitte Nicole"        Fear, oh the fear. I have been in school since I was four years old. All I can think about is who am I without school, where does my identify now fall? I know deep down that my identity doesn't lie anywhere except for in Jesus and the life He has for me. However, I let the world dictate who I say I am.…

37 days.

37 Days till the rest of my life

 In 37 days I am going to officially be done with my undergrad. I am going to have two bachelor degrees. In 37 days I do not have to go to school ever again. I can do whatever I want to do and I can live wherever I want to live. I mean honestly the world is my oyster. In 37 days I will have no more 8am classes, no more finals, no more papers, and no more presentations. In 37 days I will be DONE! 

           To say that I am excited it a huge understatement. I am beyond excited... Let me just soak all of this in for a minute...

          Okay I am done soaking. Behind all the excitement there is a bit of fear. With all the options I have now what if I make the wrong decision. What if my schooling was all for nothing. My biggest fear and the number one thought that keeps running in my head is who am I without school? Let me just paint this picture, I am have been going to school for the past nineteen years, since I was four years old. Going to school is al…

The Beginning of the End.

I am trying to get better about writing down my thoughts. Especially since I am beginning my very last semester of college.

That’s what all of this comes down to is change. I don’t always do great with change, but I am learning and getting better about it. So now here I am about to go into a season of great change. Am I beginning to get a little bit uncomfortable, why yes, yes I am. Is that all okay? Yes, yes it is. It's okay to be uncomfortable with change, because it means that you are allowing God to guide me into deeper waters. It is allowing me to trust him with my whole life.
"It's okay to be uncomfortable with change, because it means that you are allowing God to guide me into deeper waters." This brings me to where I am right now. My very last semester of college! This is so surreal. I have been in school for 18 years, and in just four short months I have no more school. There is so much change going on right now. It is mostly good and exciting change, bu…